Fizz Kidz – the science of glitter, slime and fun

When: Holiday program 10am – 1pm, Monday 2 July – Friday 13 July 2012.

Where: 141 Waverley Road, East Malvern.  Click here for map.

What: An awesome holiday activity that captivates – this might appear to be frivolous lip gloss and bath bombs, but underneath it all is some really cool science.

Cost: $40 for 3 hours.  Morning snack provided, BYO lunch.


OMG.  This was so much fun – even I had to get my hands dirty  :)

Immi (6) and I were thrilled to be invited along to a special session to test run some of the activities offered at this July’s school holiday program.  Sooo much fun.  And Immi got to bring home a bag of awesome goodies she made.

Seriously girly, but I defy any boy not to want to get stuck into the mixing.. especially when it’s with fingers.  We made bath bombs, slime, soap, lip gloss and perfume.. just a few of the options on the Fizz Kidz repertoire.

Fizz Kidz also run parties – this is how we found out about them.. two friends had raved about their children’s experiences after attending parties there – and I can see why.. what a great concept for a party.

And, whist for the holiday program you’d drop and run – if you do happen to be dropping off for a birthday party, two doors up is a fab cafe (with the most delicious looking salads, cakes etc.) called Spoon and Servery.

I have a strong suspicion that Fizz Kidz is going to be Immi’s top choice for a birthday party venue this year..


One response to “Fizz Kidz – the science of glitter, slime and fun

  1. my daughter went to a party here and loved it! lots of fun.. (there were some boys there too and they also had a great time apparently). FYI the slime in the carpet the next day at home wasn’t so fun (for me) – next time that will need to stay in the kitchen (or bin). however bath bomb worked a treat.

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