Still Awake Still hits broadway

You may recall a wonderful production we reviewed two years ago called Still Awake Still (on at the Arts Centre) – at the time we predicted this fabulous Melbourne production was destined to tour the world, and yay it’s finally happening!  So if you have friends and family in the USA or interstate please share the good news.  And yes there will be shows in Melbourne in 2014.

When: Tour begins on 15 January 2014 in New York

Where: New York, Pittsburgh, finishing in California on 9 February 2014 and then travelling through Australia from May – October 2014

For more details visit: and also

Read our review.


3 responses to “Still Awake Still hits broadway

  1. This is a brilliant show – so pleased to hear it’s going to be back on stage soon.. look forward to the Melbourne production as my littlest will be old enough to go along this time. Will it be at the Arts Centre again?

    • Bec at the moment it’s only listed at venues outside the CBD – but hopefully that will change! Hopefully the Arts Centre are reading this! Watch this space.

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