David Jones Melbourne - Santa and David (the talking tree)

David Jones Melbourne – Santa and David (the talking tree)

A visit to see Santa and David (the talking tree) at David Jones Melbourne.

So you might already know that the other week (7 November 2011) we headed into town early in the morning to see the Myer Melbourne Christmas windows and visit Myer Santaland. Well, last week we had an appointment in town – so what better excuse than to squeeze in a quick visit to the David Jones Santa and the Magic Cave before heading onto school  🙂

We’ve had our Santa photo at DJ’s Melbourne before – so we are familiar with the drill.  [Click here for more information on the DJs website.]

It’s the same as at Myer; there is no obligation to purchase the photo’s – or even have any taken… you are welcome to just come and visit Santa (Father Christmas or Mr Claus seems too formal after you’ve already met).  The set up at DJs is not as big as Myer, but the Talking Tree (David), the elves workshop scenes and the reindeer are still all there.

And Santa was just as charming at David Jones as he was when we visited him at Myer…

The only differences I can really report back on are:

  • The DJs standard two 6×8 package was actually a couple of dollars cheaper than the same photo package at Myer
  • On both occasions we were presented with cardboard crowns and an activities book – the Myer booklet was sponsored by Toy Story so its activities featured Toy Story characters and then the last page was basically a brochure for Toy Story toys… DJs is just pure activities and colouring in book with a Christmas theme – pencils are provided as well as a packet of carrot seeds to plant for the reindeer!  Nice touch.
  • I personally felt the colour of the prints at DJs was better (as was the colour of Santa’s surrounds, even if a little shabby)
  • The photographer and Santa’s helpers were slightly more relaxed and helpful – but this could have been because every time we’ve gone to DJs we’ve timed it so that there is no one else there! (ie a weekday at 9.30am)
  • On every occasion we’ve been to DJs the photographer has not stopped clicking away and so when we turn to the screen to find a good shot it’s much easier as there are 10 to choose from.  When we were at Myer the photographer took one photo and then would ask me to come check the screen.. so we only took three photo’s total and they were all duds and the kids were loosing patience, hence we left Myer with no photo.

It doesn’t really matter where you go – at the end of the day as long as Santa is jolly and the kids are happy you can’t really ask for much more, meeting Santa was always a highlight of the year when I was little – and it seems not much has changed!

David (the talking tree)

If you feel like a giggle – check out these bad santa photo’s!  Happy memories!