Digital Parents Blog Carnival

Digital Parents Blog Carnival

It’s time for the September edition of the Digital Parents Blog Carnival!  If you are a new visitor to Meetoo then welcome – I hope you have a look around and get some ideas for the school holidays while you’re here.  🙂

And for Meetoo regulars who are wondering what a Blog Carnival is – it’s an opportunity to share with you some fantastic Aussie blogs and their favourite posts from August.  You will find parenting tips, recipes, crafts, travel, an autism story, reflections of life as a parent and more – it’s a real mixed bag.

Happy Birthday Nan from Melissa at Two Little Humans and Me
Life as mum with two little humans!

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This Man from Alex at Dadrites
How do I tell my kids Peter Pan is dead?  One man’s reaction to the tragic death of Robin Williams and his own struggle with depression.

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Toddler Chores – Washing Clothes from Talia at The Climbing Tree
Does your toddler help with chores? I find clothes washing is one of the easiest chores my toddler can help with!

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I am Autistic from Sarah at Creating Contentment
Hi, my name is Sarah and I am autistic.
I was diagnosed with having an autism spectrum disorder when I was 28 years old, six months after my second son was diagnosed with autism.  I struggled with Seconds diagnosis, as everything I read reminded me of me. I couldn’t understand how he could have this ‘thing’ if he was like me and I didn’t have it. Slowly, as I read more and more, as I heard others on the spectrum talk, I became aware of another possibility. Perhaps I was just like Second. Perhaps, I have autism too.

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Global Giving from Kelly at My Little Adventures
This is a post about aligning my family travels with my philanthropic values.

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Come and get your happiness from Lydia at Where the Wild Things Were
What constitutes happiness, and is there a value attributed to it?

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Book Week Parade Costume: Mr Qwerty from Melissa at Honey Bee Books
We love Book Week and the highlight is always the Book Week Parade. This year my son dressed up as Mr Qwerty from Karla Strambini’s The Extraordinary Mr Qwerty.

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Nutella Crumble Slice from Dannielle at Zamamabakes
An easy, delicious slice that will be sure to satisfy those sweet tooth cravings!

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‘No-No’: (Parental) Resistance Is Futile from Christopher at Dad’s The Boss
Just when I, as a first-time dad, have finally recreated a sensible life, my daughter starts saying ‘No-No’. Much like the Borg turning up, but Jean-Luc is sitting it out.

Parenting Teens – An Evening With Michael Carr-Gregg from Sophie at The Mother Load Australia
My wrap up of a seminar I attended with leading psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg recently.

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Time to trust our husbands from Cate at {life behind the purple door}
As I read yet another post this morning from a mum getting ready to head off to the ProBlogger Event next week, it occured to me that many of us don’t trust our husbands.  Oh, I don’t mean that we think he’s going to step out on us, I mean we don’t trust him with the kids.

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How to Make a Relationship Last from Kylie at Kylie Purtell – A Study in Contradictions
I don’t profess to be an expert when it comes to relationships. I’m a believer that there is always something more we can be learning, and I think that applies equally to love and life. One thing is vital for the success of a long-term relationship. Communication.

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Be scared and do it anyway from Nicky at nickywaywrites
Sometimes life puts scary new stuff in your path. Don’t think too much about it, say yes and enjoy the ride.

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Meditation: tools to manage kids meltdowns! from Jessica from Flying Start Kids
My efforts to teach my high energy four year old meditation skills to help him learn to ‘calm down from the inside’. Sharing resources and ideas.

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Ultimate Guide to Lego Storage from Narelle at Cook Clean Craft
Stop stepping on Lego and get them organised with this guide to 30+ ways to organise and store Lego.

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Breastfeeding Triplets from Caitlin at Caitlin’s Happy Heart
The story of how I breastfed triplets for 14 months.

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Step back in time – my favourite childhood gift from Tash at Gift Grapevine
Step back in time to 1985 – my favourite childhood gift is linked to my favourite holiday destination and family holiday memories.

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Prepping for change from Jasmine at Indiemama
After reaching the point where enough is enough, I’ve decided it’s time for some major changes, and the only way to make those changes is by examining the obstacles and finding simple solutions to overcome them. Taking the power back!

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Friends that almost never were from Emily at You learn something new every day
Have you ever made a friend in a less-than-conventional way? I have. Many times. Let me introduce you to four of them.

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2 Tips for Staying Organised at Tax Time from Holly at SIMPLIFY CREATE INSPIRE
Tips to ensure tax time is pain free and organised for you when it rolls around, including a freebie to help you keep track

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Climate Change = Australia’s Pathetic As A Sporting Nation from Mark at FULLHALFGLASS
Climate change is behind the demise of Australian sporting greatness. For all you sceptics, I have the proof

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12 things I learned from my first year of marriage from Joy at The Mama Minute
The first year of marriage is hard. Alongside the fun times are a lot of frustrating times. Here are 12 things I learned in those 12 months – most of them the hard way.

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My Liebster Award from Malinda at My Brown Paper Packages
Answering 10 questions to accept my Liebster Award and nominating 5 bloggers to answer my own set of questions.

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Would you like a do-over? from Dorothy from A blog of her own
Do you ever wish you could “do over” a part of your life? Maybe just a single decision? Or maybe a whole big chunk, like me.

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My Favourite Family from Rebecca at The Plumbette
Pictures of my family in the last 2 months using the Olympus Camera for the Voices of 2014 Kidspot Olympus Challenge

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Become famous without leaving your lounge room from Rebecca at Seeing the Lighter Side of Parenting
Always dreamed of becoming famous but you’re stuck at home with the kids every night? Here’s your chance…

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This Crazy Sort of Love from Ana at Hey Mama!
Depiction of the crazy sort of love – with the overwhelming highs and lows – experienced as a parent.

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Why I still believe in Santa from Denise at Writing, Work, Life.
I remember it vividly because I was 11, and 11 is a tricky age for a girl. You’re still a child but puberty is already tightening its grip, whether you’re ready or not. I was not ready. It was when I was 11 that I found out there was no Santa.

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My “Spaving” and Earning Secrets from Alicia at Notalotta Acres
Getting a bargain & finding different ways to save money on necessary purchases.

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Fruit: Too much of a good thing from Nikki at The Kids Menu
Most of us agree the fruit is a healthy choice, but is it possible to have too much of a good thing? Find out exactly how much fruit our kids should be eating and pick up some great snack ideas.

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Spring cleaning your home & your life from Mel at Honey, You Baked!
Spring clean your home and your life – week 4: Personal Projects and goals. Being accountable for YOU! (With links to all four weeks and free printables!)

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Some days being a mum just isn’t enough for me! from Emily at Have A Laugh On Me
There are days when being a mum just isn’t enough for me.  I have always loved working, the thrill of chasing a great story, getting an exclusive and then seeing it in print.

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Easy peasy DIY car park: Toothpaste boxes! from Maria at Every Mum Needs a Hug
All kids will play with cars at one point. All families use toothpaste. Find out how they go together in this blog post!

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RV/Campervan Holiday Through Queensland – Charleville to Longreach from Mandy at Barbie Bieber and Beyond
I am currently cataloguing our Campervan holiday, 3 weeks driving around Queensland in an RV with 4 kids!! Fun!!! This stage was part 3 and saw us head from Charleville to Longreach in Outback QLD. Check out the other parts too!

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Terrific Tummy Time Positions! from Cindy at Your Kids OT
Fantastic ways to encourage different tummy time positions for new parents with lots of photos of gorgeous babies. Linking to more great articles about tummy time too.

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Assessment Day from Mike at YDad
Today is the day. After months of waiting, we’re taking our eldest son to his autism assessment.

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Motherhood: Body Image from Shari at GoodFoodWeek
How has your body image changed after child birth? And what type of body image do you want to portray to your children?

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