Grease is the word..

Grease is the word..

Grease is back in Melbourne for its last hurrah and this time home is the Regent Theatre.  So glam it up and go check out this super fun production starring Rob Mills, Gretel Scarlett, Bert Newton, Todd McKenny, John Paul Young and more.

When: until 25 January 2015, check website for dates and times.

Where: Regent Theater, 191 Collins Street MELBOURNE

Cost: Tickets start at $60


Immi (9) was my date to opening night (she is yet to see the film) and she loved every moment.  From the beauty of the theatre itself to the Pink Ladies, the fabulous voices and dancing to the car-makeover; there is never a dull moment.

The music and singing is flawless – all the performances were fantastic – so be prepared to have those tunes stuck in your head for days after!  One of my favourite moments in the movie is when Teen Angel sings to Frenchie – and the stage version does not disappoint!

Do you remember the first time you saw Grease?  I do!  I was in grade one and I saw it at the cinema – subsequently I got the double LP for my birthday and took it to school for show & tell.. the nuns at my catholic primary school were less than impressed… well it was 1978.

The performance is about two hours plus a 20 minute interval.

My tips:

  • grab a booster cushion from an usher
  • if you need to visit the bathroom during interval then don’t dilly dally – Immi sped off through the crowd and got there before there was a queue, by the time I caught up the line was up the stairs and half way across the foyer, by the time Immi came out (I waited outside for her) the queue actually was going out the theatre doors (I guess opening night was a full house, but still!!)
  • if it’s your birthday or another significant anniversary then call ahead and let the organisers know – you could get a special mention