Vividwireless – lot’s to love

Vividwireless offers wifi internet access that’s not only a synch to set up – it’s competitively priced and a solid performer.


Where:  check your Vividwireless coverage by entering your service address here 

Cost:  packages start at $29/month – like to get a month for FREE?  Use my promo code when you set up your Vividwireless account.

Recently I have gone through a major reassessment of my mobile phone and internet providers – so the timing to review Vividwireless was uncanny (thank you universe).


I did have apprehensions.  I mean better the devil you know right?  Plus the whole idea of being left offline or with a dodgy connection was a notion that quite frankly left me with sweaty palms – I have heard so many horror stories about the big telco’s from friends and family who have been messed around it’s enough to put you off ever moving house just to avoid having to go through the reconnection process.

So it wasn’t until the box arrived from Vividwireless that I cancelled my previous provider – an account that was set up quite a few years ago when we switched from iiNet to Telstra (something that was all the domain of the ex-husband, so unchartered territory for me).

The process of hooking up the Vividwireless box was so simple I was sure there had to be a catch. I mean, surely nothing is ever that easy?!

Maybe it would be super slow – but running revealed results that are competitive, with a PING of 30 and download speed of 9.45mbps. 

Maybe the range would be limited – but we’ve had it set up in the back room upstairs and it works fine down the front of the house.  It’s also been totally fine with powering Netflix and also my internet browser with its 47 open tabs.

Well then surely it’s complicated to set up?  There must be three phone calls to a call centre, 1.2 hours on hold, five different operators (because the first two couldn’t help) and too many plans to choose from (filled with language I don’t understand)*… But no, I’ve not had to speak to anyone.  There are three straightforward options to choose from, and it worked straight from the box**.

Do you know one of the cool things about the Vividwireless system (other than how easy it is to set up and how seamlessly it’s worked) – if there is a powerpoint and coverage you can take it with you when you travel in Australia.  Just check the address of where you’re going on the website (to ensure that there is coverage) – and voila, you can take your Vividwireless with you.  Which meant we had Netflix at the grandparents beach house over the wet winter school holidays = lifesaver.

So – now that I have sampled Vividwireless would I use it moving on… absolutely – I signed up for my own account before my review trial was finished! vividwireless

*Based on actual experiences with other providers.

**Disclaimer: the modem I received was a demo modem from Vividwireless pre-activated with the Unlimited Plan (the Unlimited Plan includes the modem, but if you go for the either of the other two plans you can purchase the modem via or Harvey Norman and The Good Guys).  I skipped the activation process which I am assured is as easy as logging in online or calling the call centre to set up a Vividwireless account (to select a plan and advise payment information if you purchased the modem at Harvey Norman or The Good Guys).

Disclaimer:  as mentioned above I was supplied a demo modem for a month for the purpose of this review – I also received an administration fee for my time.  All opinions are my own.

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