things to do with kids in a heatwave

5 tips to keep the kids cool

Sometimes it’s even too hot to go to the beach – and when Melbourne gets one of those kinds of heatwaves you need to retreat indoors to keep the kids cool.  However by day three you’ve possibly exhausted the DVD collection, played UNO 472 times and eaten your own body weight in icy-poles.  By now everyone is a bit twitchy (mostly from the icy-poles) and you’re climbing the hot walls – it’s time to get out, just not outside.

Our top tips on how to beat the heat:

1.  Go to the movies – usually always freezing cold in the cinema (except for that one time the air-con died and I can say from experience that unless the film has already started get the $%#* out of there – an airless room filled with people on a 45C day is not cool, even if it’s dark and the film is set in the snow).

2. Art Galleries and Museums have priceless collections that must be maintained in temperature controlled environments 24/7 – you are sure fired guaranteed to be a cool 22C inside any serious gallery or museum – we’ve listed some below.

3. If it’s been awhile then a visit to the local library can be a great change of scenery – and with all that book reading you can feel less guilty about the extra screen time you might have been having at home the past few days.

4. Ice ice baby: ice-cream, ice skating… anything involving ice.  See the list below.

5.  Maybe it’s too hot to hang out at the beach or pool – but ten minutes outside with water squirters, hose, bucket and sponge cleaning your windows or the car can be an awesome excuse to get totally drenched and do something vaguely constructive at the same time.  I don’t know about you but my kids think it’s hilarious to see me get a soaking and this about the only time I don’t mind.  (FYI unless you’re up for getting squirted with the hose regularly you might want to remind the kids that this is the only time you are cool with everyone getting drenched.)

DON’T FORGET: drink lots of water, avoid salty (and sugary) foods that dehydrate, apply sunscreen, give public transport a miss unless it’s absolutely unavoidable (I am a big fan of using PT but when its 40C+ this is the time to give trams and trains a wide berth when making trips with small children).

Some of the best places around Melbourne to find your cool….

What about you – what do you do to keep the kids cool and sane during a heatwave?  Have you got any tips you can share?