A visit to the podiatrist

A visit to the podiatrist

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We’ve been doing a bit of a health-check this month.  Not even the cat has escaped my to-do list!

This past eight months I have been wholly focused on repairing a slipped disc in my back – it’s been a slow and painful process… and it’s infiltrated everything – even effected Meetoo {have you noticed it’s been a bit quiet around here?}.

Sitting for any period of time in the early days was near impossible – added to that I started a new job (with even longer hours than my previous job) and so not only was I putting on a brave face and trying not to let onto my new employers that they had employed a slightly broken person… I would come home from work and either need to be standing upright or lying horizontal, not exactly conducive to online publishing (unless you have a standing desk; I really need one of those!)!

Anyway, attending pilates twice a week as well as a weekly physio appointment has finally got me to about 90% recovered – I have successfully avoided the surgeon’s knife so far.

Being unwell for any period of time (even with something non-life-threatening) not only reminded me of my human frailties but also gave sharper focus the old adage “prevention is better than cure”.  And so now that I am coming out the other side of pain, I am looking at areas to improve – for all of us.

The cat had his annual checkup and worming (our cat is quite possibly part actual tiger and needs professional assistance when it comes to worming).  He’s also been booked in for his teeth to be cleaned – I have been putting off the teeth for years as it’s going to cost about $500, but the vet proclaimed we can’t avoid it any longer.  Sorry Gus!

The kids also had their teeth cleaned and checked – and now we have an appointment to see the ortho guy… so more appointments this week! (Fingers crossed they don’t need major interventions.)

Charlie and I also went to the GP for flu shots (last year we both had the flu and it was awful, it was also what tipped my back weakness into full slipped disc).

And then, thanks to my pilates studio gifting me a session with their podiatrist, I finally had a professional assessment of Charlie’s feet.  Turns out his feet strike the ground not on the outer edge but right in the middle (which is sustainable while he’s still a lightweight) and also one arch is a bit bulging.  The prognosis was just to keep an eye on him for the moment and any complaints of pain and we need to head back and look at adding some orthotics to his shoes.

If you’ve been following Meetoo for a little while you might recall I used to do some work for kids shoe brand Bobux – a company that prides itself on supporting kids growing feet.  The only problem is – what happens when you grow out of Bobux?  Charlie grew out of Bobux last year 😞 and so I have been suffering some mother guilt over the fact that he’s been wearing some pretty unsupportive sneakers that were chosen only for the fact that Charlie deemed them to be “cool”.

It was awesome to finally get some advice from a foot professional on what brand of shoes would be perfect for Charlie’s feet (and while some shoe shops provide excellent advice – I can never be 100% sure their suggestions aren’t biased).

Armed with the podiatrist’s recommendation on a shoe brand with the best heel support for Charlie, I did a quick google for some recommendations on which of the latest models were the best in the ASICS kids range.  I also checked out the ASICS website before heading over to Catch.com.au where the same shoes were $20-$40 cheaper!

And so my family health to-do list is getting shorter… I really need to get a mole check done (it’s been 2 years) and the GP gave me a pathology referral as he said now I am mid-forties I should have a proper check up on my blood sugars… and it’s probably nearly time for my turn at the dentist.  Well, give me a few more weeks and I will get there eventually!

Have I forgotten anything?  What do you have on your health to-do list that needs to be ticked off… while I’m at it maybe I should add it to my list too?

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