Anything Goes Melbourne

Anything Goes

Be prepared to be dazzled and left breathless – this is one high energy glossy performance that will have you cheering for more.  The cast is incredible, the costumes sublime, the song list golden Broadway classic and the storyline – well it’s utterly ridiculous but then, as they say, anything goes…

When:  Hurry, Anything Goes closes in Melbourne on the 19th July!

Where:  Princess Theatre, Spring St MELBOURNE

Cost:  Tickets range from $49.90 – $120.90 book now


This is a pretty massive production – two hours of action on the stage punctuated with a 20 minute interval.  The dancing is energetic and loads of fun as is much of the music – however I suspect the storyline might not be as amusing to the kids as it is to the grown ups (I know my 7 year old wouldn’t have coped).  And so for that reason (unless your child is a massive Broadway buff) I would suggest that for most this is probably a fun date night treat.

Caroline O’Connor.. well she really deserves an entire post dedicated just to her.  One can’t help but feel that the role of Reno was written specifically for her.   What a talent… seriously you want to be able to say that at least once in your life you saw Caroline O’Connor live on stage (if you count the media preview I have now seen her three times).

The rest of the cast is stellar – all faultless and amazing.  Anything Goes is very easy watching and really fun night out.  As they say it’s delightful, it’s delicious, it’s delectable, it’s delirious, it’s de-lovely!

I can guarantee (well maybe I should only speak for myself!) that you’ll be singing and pretend tap dancing (when no one is looking) for days.  Yes it’s true, Anything Goes – I got a kick outta you.