ArtVo is a gallery experience unlike any other – here you are invited to become part of the picture itself, a clever immersive 3D trompe I’oeil.

When: daily, 10am – 6pm

Where: Level 1, Harbour Town, DOCKLANDS

Cost: Adult $25, child $15, family (2 adults, 2 kids) $68, book tickets here

Many thanks to contributor Thuy On for attending on behalf of Meetoo and preparing this fabulous review!

Opened just recently at Docklands, ArtVo consists of deliberately designed artwork that demands interaction. Unlike normal exhibitions where spectators stand before various masterpieces with an appreciative grunt or a raise of the eyebrow before moving to the next objet d’art, the paintings here invite you to contort yourself before the images to enable the best 3D trompe I’oeil photos when viewed through the camera lens. 

Sounds strange?

It may seem a little bit odd and you will start off feeling self-conscious but after a while you’ll get the hang of it. But don’t worry about what to do; an usher is stationed near the entrance to take newbies through the protocols (no flash photography!).

The over 100 amazingly detailed paintings by 40 Korean artists (average age 60!) are divided into themed rooms, ranging from classical copies of famous artists, to Egyptian deities, surreal and fantastic visions, seascapes, Australiana and international-flavoured scenes. All these visual illusions have been specially designed so the viewer can pose before it and blend in with the pictures.

We went on a Saturday afternoon and there were at least 3 other attendants helping everyone work out what positions to adopt for maximum effect and also happily taking group shots if requested. There are helpful markings on the floor to point out where you should stand to take your picture as well.

Surprisingly it wasn’t all that busy for a wet day activity but I’m sure this will change once everyone realises just how fun ArtVo is.

Even if you really wanted to say, hold onto the leash of a straining, growling lion and there’s a queue lining up to do the same, there’s plenty more paintings to try your dramatic skills. What about kneeling on King Kong’s outstretched palm, or balancing over a yawning crevasse or lying on a flying carpet?

ArtVo is great for families and primary school kids in particular, who will be delighted to exercise their imagination (or really just pose for silly pictures).  Oh, and we recommend you come with a friend – half the fun is taking pictures as you go!