atelier viktor rolf

Atelier – Viktor & Rolf for kids {NGV}

The kids gallery at NGV International has been converted into a Viktor & Rolf inspired fashion atelier and it’s the perfect escape for some creative time out.

When:  Until 26 February 2017 (click here for more info)

Where:  NGV International, St Kilda Road MELBOURNE

Cost: FREE

While the kids gallery has shrunk in size (to make way for the Viktor & Rolf gift shop next door) it is still just as engaging for parents and the kids; it’s the perfect opportunity to get a little taste of the Viktor & Rolf exhibition happening in the gallery space next door.

The Atelier is all about creating, feeling inspired and then capturing your creations in a fashion shoot with the assistance of Viktor & Rolf’s dog Little Swan.  Little Swan also features in the incredibly beautiful publication the NGV has produced to support Viktor & Rolf (a bargain at $16.95).

Most of the space is taken up with the workroom tables, the display of the incredible wedding dress and the three photography studios – unlike some of the previous kids exhibits this one doesn’t really have spare room for moving about, and the activity of creating fashion is probably suited to the 5+ crowd who are happy to sit and get busy with paper, scissors, hole punches and sticky tape.

Immi (11) and Charlie (8) quite happily lost themselves in creating for a good half hour – and given it was lunchtime I was surprised they lasted that long (but I couldn’t convince them to eat first because they couldn’t wait to see the new exhibition).  I can see us going back for multiple visits – being a public holiday when we visited it was quite busy and there was a bit of a wait to have a turn in the three photography spaces.atelier viktor & rolf

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