beauty and the beast

Beauty and the Beast {live action film}

Beauty and the Beast comes to life on the big screen 23 March.

This is a wonderful adaptation that is full of fabulous characters, wonderful performances, and plenty of fun and the beast

What do you need to know?

There are some lovely role models – especially our bookish heroine Belle who is not one to follow convention for the sake of it (something her father has encouraged in her).  The characters of the enchanted inhabitants of the castle also have lessons to teach us about compassion and forgiveness – and hope!  And even the Beast shows us that if we are prepared to take a risk and strive to be a better version of ourself positive things might just come our way.

The music is lovely and the cinematography, effects and costuming are all glorious.  This is a film you can truly escape into.


There are a couple of scary moments – and the snarling wolf attacks (there are two) are not for the faint-hearted (also the battle scene when the villagers storm the castle has some graphic violence).  So if your child is sensitive to intense moments I would possibly give this film a miss – or at least brief them before the movie so they are prepared.  For this reason, I would recommend this movie for children aged 8+.

Running time for the movie is 120 minutes – and of course, there is a very happy ending!

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