Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf

A few generations on and things have changed in the wood where the bloodline of the Big Bad Wolf lives.  He might be big, but this Wolfy is a “vegematarian” whose hobby is poetry and he would love nothing other than a friend.  Meet Heidi Hood, distant relative of Red Riding, and practically perfect at everything; she even has the best wolf alarm system in the area.

When:  until 25 January 2014, click here for session times

Where:  The Lawler, Southbank Theatre, MTC, 140 Southbank Boulevard SOUTHBANK

Cost:  tickets are general admission and $25


The cast of this production make this story come to life in the most delightful way.  While the title might be all about “Wolfy” all three cast members shine and it would be impossible to say the main character was only the Wolf.

You don’t need any prior knowledge of Little Red Riding Hood – but as an adult it definitely allows you to enjoy some of the details included in the story and the set design.  Our fairytale books at home actually haven’t covered LRRH (now that I think of it) but Immi (8) and Charlie (5) sat captivated and giggled at the right moments.

I was particularly impressed with the performance of Heidi Hood (Emma J Hawkins) – she was fantastic!  She was having so much fun with this role and the added bonus of her acrobatic work really took the production to another level.  And is it just me (and this is totally off topic) but could Kate Cheel (who plays seven different parts) be the younger sister of actress Selma Blair?  Kate if you’re reading this – you were awesome too.  And of course we all loved Wolfy (and Patrick Graham I don’t know how you speak with those teeth and haven’t pierced a lip!).

What you need to know:

  • The performance is about 50 minutes long with no break
  • The seats aren’t allocated
  • It’s in the Lawler theatre which is small and more intimate
  • The performance is recommended for 5+ but use your discretion – if you have a younger child who can sit quietly still for 50 minutes (without snacks, water or toilet) then I can report back that there aren’t any scary bits and (from my personal point of view) it’s rated G
  • This is a production that grown ups will definitely enjoy!!!
  • Afterwards in the foyer be sure to leave Wolfy a note on a leaf on the tree.