Billionaire Boy

Billionaire Boy {Melbourne Arts Centre}

The Billionaire Boy production at the Melbourne Arts Centre is high energy, lots of fun and a fabulous adaptation.  By taking the best parts of the story, the cast bring David Walliam’s book to life – cleverly adapting this tale into a punchier and more relatable one-hour stage show.

When: 6-14 April, various times

Where: Playhouse Theatre, Melbourne Arts Centre, St Kilda Road MELBOURNE

Cost: $27-39, recommended for ages 6+, book here

We are big David Walliam’s fans here at Casa de Meetoo… with every publication ever published lined up on the bookshelf and read multiple times.  I have to admit that Billionaire Boy was one of my lesser favourite Walliam’s tales (I think it made me feel a little too uncomfortable as the characters are particularly tragic and modern).  However, this one-hour production has somehow edited the story down in a way that makes perfect sense, but also made the story even better.  I guess for a stage production they didn’t want us to dwell too deeply (and with one hour and a five-person cast, you can only allow for so much!).

Particular highlights were seeing the bully get his own comeuppance and we couldn’t get enough of Raj (and his “Purple Pain”).  Joe’s dad and fiancee were also highlights… the takeaway from the production is that friendship can’t be bought (and if you recall the book you will probably think back at the fact that Joe’s dad tries, again and again, to buy Joe’s affection when really all Joe wants is his attention and time).

Billionaire BoyIf you are visiting the Arts Centre these holidays be sure to enjoy some FREE activities in the foyer run by Polyglot Theatre – making Mrs. Trafe’s cafeteria specialties… mmm yuck!Billionaire Boy