Billy Elliot the musical

Billy Elliot The Musical

Billy Elliot is the ultimate coming of age story. Twelve-year-old Billy triumphs against the odds to be true to himself.  Billy Elliot The Musical takes its audience on the journey of both Billy and his struggling community in a gritty and uplifting way.

When: Until 19 April 2020

Where: The Regent Theatre, Collins Street MELBOURNE

Cost: From $65 book now (this production contains quite a lot of profanity and runs at just under 3 hours, including interval). Recommend for ages 10+

Billy Elliot the musicalBilly Elliot The Musical follows the same storyline as the film – however, strap yourself in… this is a much more loud, colourful, energetic and enjoyable experience! I loved the film – but I have to say the musical had us on the edge of our seats taking in all the action on stage. Charlie (11) and I were utterly captivated. And wow – the cast was fantastic.

At the media call I was lucky enough to see each of the four Billy’s perform a different piece – and they were all amazing. And on the opening night Melbourne boy River Mardesic played the role of Billy and he was brilliant. Just mind-boggling to see such incredible talent.

The music is lots of fun, the dancing full of energy – Charlie and I really loved this production. And the story is one that will have you feeling very misty-eyed as you think of the enormity of what Billy has to overcome… and not just Billy – his entire community have their own seemingly insurmountable challenges to come to terms with.

With so much uncertainty in our own world at the moment, it’s nice to travel back in time to not that long ago (1980’s) when the world was going through a shift. It makes you ponder the nature of history, the challenges of a generation and our ever-shifting and evolving society.

Only in Melbourne for a short time, do not miss!

Also, a side note on the Regent Theatre: the theatre has recently been refurbished and it’s absolutely stunning. Mostly I am happy to report that while there is still a long que for the ladies bathrooms – there are more toilets and they are all sparkling new… so the wait isn’t as long as the que looks!

Billy Elliot the musical Billy Elliot the musical