Bounce your way fit thanks to BOUNCE Fit

Jumping on trampolines is an incredible workout, NASA has even described it as the most effective form of exercise, devised by man. ‘Rebound Exercise’ burns more calories than running, so park your runners and check out BOUNCE FIT for your next workout.

When:  various times daily – check the website (generally 9am. 10am, 6pm or 7pm).  Classes run for 45 minutes allowing for 15 minutes of free jumping afterwards.

Where: various venues – check the website

Cost: check out the special prices at the moment five pass for $49, 10 for $89 and 20 for $139 (that’s like $6.95/workout!)

Since BOUNCE Inc opened in Melbourne back in 2012 my kids have been about 1 million times, okay slight exaggeration – but they’ve been loads (I am about to start eBay-ing the BOUNCE socks as somehow they keep multiplying!!).  I can count on one hand the number of times I personally have pulled on a pair of BOUNCE socks… once at my daughter’s birthday party 4 years ago and another time at the launch event for the Essendon venue.

That was until last week when I challenged a friend to join me for a BOUNCE FIT session.

Now I am the first to admit I am not very fit.  I can puff my way through a set of tennis, make it through a day of skiing with kids, walk 3km without blinking but when it comes to anything that requires stamina (planks anyone) or endurance – I am hopeless.  I can sort of make it through a pilates pump class – sort of (I am the one who can do half of the exercises and then spends the rest of the time either in a heap or not working out how to do the one-legged balance, squat and stretch move).  I can’t do any form of aerobics (showing my age there) and gyms terrify me (mostly because I am sure I will fall off something or hurt someone else).

So attending a BOUNCE FIT class was a little out of my comfort zone – and getting out of my comfort zone was a bit of a resolution for 2016 so I had to say yes when the guys at BOUNCE invited us.  To help me follow through I enlisted a friend to come with me – and to up the risk factor both of us included our kids in the adventure.

The kids (aged 7-10) thought this was a fantastic idea – and they loved seeing us donning the gripy socks and taking to the trampolines.  Given they are old hands at BOUNCE and no longer require our undivided supervision they enjoyed a free jumping session while we tried out BOUNCE FIT.

So, what do you need to know about BOUNCE FIT??

I’ll answer the question all mums want to know straight up.  How did my pelvic floor fair?  It went much better than I imagined thanks.  On a friend’s recommendation, I went prepared with a pantyliner, visited the amenities just before the class started and am relieved to share with you that there was no embarrassing leakage.

The structure of the session is that about every ten minutes or so there is a break so you can grab a drink of water and catch your breath.

The class was a great workout – I actually left feeling invigorated (as opposed to stuffed, which is usually how I feel after an exercise class).  I was red-faced and sweaty by the end and my heart was pumping.  While we had about four breaks during the class the rest of the 45 minutes was non stop rotating through exercises, broken up with a quick game of dodgeball.

And while us mums got our circulation flowing the kids completely wore themselves out free-jumping and messing about on the freerun terrain park… they got home and fell into bed (and my early riser slept in an extra 40minutes longer the next morning!).

But most importantly – the next day I had no aches or pains.BounceFit Bounce Fit

Here are some facts the guys at BOUNCE sent me about working out on trampolines:

  • Rebound exercise is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man – NASA
  • 10 minutes jumping is equivalent to running for 30 minutes
  • Jumping is 68% more efficient than running
  • Bouncing stimulates brain cells and releases endorphins
  • Jumping on a trampoline helps to increase the circulation of oxygen around the body, increasing alertness and improving mental performance
  • Bouncing on trampolines improves mood and sleeping patterns
  • Bouncing on trampolines helps stimulate flow around lymphatic system to rid the body of toxins.
  • Regular bouncing on trampolines can help improve bone density, muscle toning, and cardiovascular fitness
  • Regular use of a trampoline can help improve posture and general muscle health
  • A jumper’s vertical acceleration and deceleration is absorbed by the trampoline mat, taking up 80% of the shock
  • Trampolining can improve your balance and coordination
  • Regular jumping on trampolines at BOUNCE is a great form of exercise for children and can help to improve fitness and reduce levels of childhood obesity
  • Trampolines have an irresistible appeal for children because they make it possible for them to perform body movements that cannot be achieved on a ground surface
  • BOUNCE is used by a growing number of professional athletes and teams as part of their regular training programs
  • BOUNCE is used by a growing number of schools and sporting clubs for improving coordination and all round fitness & strength
  • Skiers, snowboarders, wake-boarders and skate-boarders
  • Rebound exercise is an excellent exercise for senior citizens, those physically handicapped, those who are recuperating from an accident or injury, or anyone else who needs exercise but is hampered by a preexisting physical condition

Disclaimer:  Meetoo was provided with passes to BOUNCE FIT and FreeJump for us and our friends, all comments are my own – apart from the dot points listed above.Bounce Fit