Children Get Cancer Too

Today’s post is not about something fun.  It’s actually the complete opposite.  As far as fun things to do with your kids – this couldn’t be further off the scale.  But I hope that you will read on and #justkeepdancing – find the fun in an otherwise utterly unfair illness.

Through awareness there comes funding, and through funding will hopefully one day come a cure.

And if not a complete cure right now – at least improved treatments.  Currently cancer treatments for children consist of a bit of trial and error with the doses of what adults are treated with.  From the very little I know (and I am the first to admit I know nothing) this causes considerable negative outcomes for the kids, but there is no alternative.  And yet children get cancer too.

children get cancer too

Early this year a family in my blogging community* received the utterly devastating news that their beautiful 18 month old had stage 4 hepatoblastoma.  Today (June 11) Finlay is undergoing a huge surgery (about 8 hours long) to remove much of his liver and diaphragm.  I have been following his journey and sending as many good vibes as I can – we hope more than anything that this surgery will see him cancer free.

Childhood Cancer Facts:

  •         #1 Killer of Australian Kids from disease
  •         The causes of Childhood Cancer are unknown – there is no prevention
  •         98% of Childhood Cancer survivors will develop chronic medical conditions as a result of their treatments
  •         4 Families hear the words ‘Your child has cancer’ everyday
  •         3 Kids die from cancer every week, between 150 and 160 every year
  •         Childhood Cancer is NOT the same as Adult Cancer
  •         1000 Kids aged 0 – 24 will be diagnosed with Childhood Cancer every year

What can you do?

Well not everyone can make a huge donation (but hey every dollar helps make a dent) but everyone can share.  Maybe you don’t have a massive social media fanbase (if you do that’s awesome) but maybe you know a celebrity who would share this campaign with their audience – or maybe you can share with your mates and they’ll share it on.

What can you share?  Well you can share this post, you can donate to, you can donate to the Kids Cancer Project, you can tweet, share and gram these links, photos and your own silly dancing video (you can see ours below).  Just tell as many people as you can.  You can also check out the links below to posts written by other bloggers today in support of Finlay.
Children get cancer too.

And if you can, feel free to add in any of these hashtags:  #justkeepdancing #friendsoffinlay #kidscancerproject #kidsgetcancertoo #researchmatters #weneedacure  #childhoodcancerawareness

(*Yes there is a bloggy tribe out there – I don’t really mention them here as it’s not exactly the forum but they are a wealth of support and knowledge, over the past four years I’ve been very blessed to become friends with so many lovely talented people all over Australia.)

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