circus 1903

Circus 1903

Circus 1903 takes us back in time to the golden era of the Circus – a time when the Circus coming to town meant a public holiday!

When: 3-12 January 2017, various times

Where: Regent Theatre, 191 Collins Street MELBOURNE

Cost: $81.26 – $132.24, buy now

There is so much to love about this show – the costumes, the incredible talent, the range of performances, they way our imaginations were carried, the heart-stopping moments, the thrills, the squirms (that contortionist!), the laughs (the Ringmaster was fantastic) and the joy.

The highlight for Immi was the elephants and for Charlie the juggler… I am struggling to choose a favorite (maybe the Italian brothers? but also the hoop aerialist was mesmerising – really everyone was just so fantastic).

This is a big production – just over two hours with a 20-minute interval.  Also, the music is loud (so may not suit sensitive ears).  My 8-year-old was full of questions – so do expect this show to excite!

The blurb:

In a world premiere event, the producers of the biggest selling magic show in the world (The Illusionists) have teamed up with the award-winning puppeteers of War Horse to present a thrilling turn of the century circus spectacular with all the thrill and daredevil entertainment one would expect from the circus, with an exciting new twist.

Boasting a huge cast of the most unique, amazing and dangerous acts from all four corners of the globe, from strong men to contortionists, acrobats to musicians, knife throwers, high wire and much more, CIRCUS 1903 –The Golden Age of Circus, promises to take audiences of all ages to the mesmerising golden age of circus.

Thanks to sensational puppetry on a never seen before scale, CIRCUS 1903 –The Golden Age of Circus puts Elephants back in the ring by introducing the largest ever performing African elephant and her baby to international stages.

CIRCUS 1903 –The Golden Age of Circus brings together the very best traditional circus performers from all around the world. Acts will include – a cycle artist from Germany; juggling from France; rola bola from Russia; hand to hand acrobatics from the Ukraine; a high wire act from Mexico; and a knife thrower from Brazil

The award-winning team of puppeteers and model makers who created the National Theatre’s War Horse will design, build and bring to life two stunningly beautiful elephants for CIRCUS 1903 –The Golden Age of Circus. These puppets feature groundbreaking advances in design and expression – the giant mother and her calf will feature throughout the show as the mother teaches her baby to perform in the circus.