model citizen

Circus Oz: Model Citizens {winter 2017}

Circus Oz returns to Melbourne for their winter season bringing their new production (along with new Artistic Director) Model Citizens.

When: now until 16 July 2017

Where: behind Federation Square on Birrarung Marr, MELBOURNE

Cost: $25 – 95, to book tickets click here

We have been spoilt with our Circus Oz experiences to date – they are always edgy, fun, brave, artistic and bursting with awesome acrobatics.  Model Citizens delivered to our expectations and brought a new flavor.   When it came to acrobatics there were no gimmicks or cheap thrills – this was a mix of adrenaline junky meets pure focus and tightly honed skills.  We were unable to choose a favourite – and the crowd went particularly nuts for all the main acrobatics like the Silks, Aerial Slings, Hoops, Trapeze and Slack Ropes.

If I was going to compare 2017 to past experiences I would say this production is a little more serious – this is because, in my opinion, there is less clowning about.

Also like past productions, there is a bit of a political current that pops up now and again, the second ballad had the kid’s shuffling in their seats (FYI there are only two songs, and for the most part they are amusing; can you tell I am one of those people who avoids my Facebook feed during elections??!).

Families will enjoy the stunts and the atmosphere and the thrill of the acrobatics – it is clear to see that all the performers are having a ball and are incredibly talented.  Inside the Big Top it is lovely and warm and there are quality food vendors on site offering dumplings, hot apple chips, fresh doughnuts, popcorn, a bar and choc tops… oh and there are water drinking fountains to enjoy too.

I think this production would be best suited for the 6+ crowd – also worth noting there are flashing lights, smoke machines and the live band goes “off” very regularly (aka it can be a bit loud – given how many live bands I don’t get to see these days, I loved it).

Circus Oz is an easy stroll from Flinders Street Station or the Fed Square car park.