Coonara Springs - Devonshire Tea

Coonara Springs – Devonshire Tea

Where:  129 Olinda-Monbulk road, Olinda, VIC 3788

When: Wednesday lunch, Thursday – Saturday lunch & dinner, Sunday breakfast & lunch

Cost:  a little bit pricey

Coonara Springs holds many dear memories for me and is a childhood favourite – and thankfully they haven’t changed a thing!  By why fix something unless it’s broke, right?  So maybe it’s a little faded and wonky – but the absolute charm, pretty view and lovely gardens make up for it.. and the Devonshire tea is pretty damn good.

Not really somewhere I would immediately call “family friendly” but the staff were very welcoming and attentive when we arrived at 3.30pm on a Thursday afternoon – we were in fact the only people there and were encouraged to sit wherever we liked, they were happy to serve us in the gardens (which I have done many times in the past and recommend on a warm day!).  I should mention that with assistance you would manage a stroller here, but not really suited for prams as there are a few steps and narrow spaces.  There were baby change facilities in the women’s bathroom.

If you are passing through the Dandenongs then this is the only place I go for Devonshire tea!  But if anyone else has other recommendations please feel free to leave your comments below, as since I can’t go passed Coonara Springs I don’t actually know anywhere else.

Naughty me, I haven’t kept our receipt (and it’s taken me a few weeks to write this post) so I am having a guess, but I think our two serves of Devonshire tea cost $27… I must call them and check  ;-p

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