Fairy Tale News

Fairy Tale News (Melbourne International Comedy Festival)

Fairy Tale News is forty-five minutes of lights, camera and action entertainment bringing Fairy Tales to life through the News with a modern twist.

When: 2, 3, 7, 8 April 1 & 6pm, 5 April, 5pm only and 6 April, 6pm only

Where:  Bluestone Church Art Space, 10A Hyde Street, Footscray

Cost:  all tickets $25 or four person pass $70

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Thank you to guest reviewer Sally T. Ridden for these fabulous words. Photos supplied by both Sally and wit incorporated.

Fairy Tale News (part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival) has been specifically written for children and is presented by wit incorporated and the Maribyrnong City Council in the historic Bluestone Church Arts Space.  This kids comedy romp is a little kooky and wacky, offering the kids plenty of silly humour.

The 45 minutes of lights, camera and action entertainment is told through the lens of modern media – independent actors, songs, puppets, colourful costumes and jokes for all ages. With a cast of familiar fairytale characters, News Hosts Hansel and Gretel take children through a musical adventure centring on an investigation into who stole Granny’s basket of goodies theatrically combining children’s fiction with newsrooms satire through the use of broadcast media – incorporating language recognition linked to the countries the fairytales originated from.  Children loved the interaction and engagement, some lucky young audience got to participate in the sports segment.

Who stole Granny’s basket of goodies? Mr Big Mal Wolfe? (He definitely needed a bit of a Wolfe makeover – ears, tail, fur, something for the kids initial recognition). Prime Minister Humpty Dumpty recovering from his fall in the polls? This opening satire may have totally been missed on the kids but they were absolutely entertained by “Humpty” constantly falling off the chair throughout his interview.  Will the weatherman Pinocchio (apparently with a carrot stuck on his nose as my son loudly exclaimed at the top of his voice!) ever get the forecast right? Not a fairy in sight for anyone who has a little girl with expectations but Snow White makes a guest interview as does Mulan and Rapunzel and little Red Cape.

The children clapped loudly at the end and the absolute highlight was the opportunity for the children to stay to meet-n-greet and have photos with the characters in the FTN newsroom.  There’s also a Photo Fairy Corner, a kids colour in section and a surprising licenced snack bar. Ba Ba Ba Bahm!

Fairy Tale News:
Written by Belinda Campbell & Directed by Jennifer Piper
Performed by Belinda Campbell, Sarah Clarke, Kim Ko, Jessica Lawrence, Mark Salvestro, Lee Quek