Fitness for Fun Kindergym

Fitness for Fun – kindergym

Gymnastics classes for toddlers through to school aged and beyond.  

An opportunity to learn loads of new skills in state of the art facilities – perfect your summersault, champion the balance beam, take to the bars, show off your kangaroo jumps.. kids of all ages love gymnastics and Lucy and her team have a winning formula for fun, fitness and learning.

When:  Various times during term as well as holiday programs.  Click here for more information.

Where: Prahran, Hawthorn and now Sandringham

Cost: Anyone new to Fitness for Fun can ask for a free trial before they sign up.  Kinder Gymfun classes start at $16.50/session (when you enroll for a full term – current 2012).  There are also a couple of fees when first starting out – a one off family joining fee of $35 and an annual fee of $45 (which in the past has reduced as the year progresses so that term 4 has a smaller annual fee).  Check their website for all the details,

Fitness for Fun Kindergym


(**Please note we have not visited the new Prahran venue – this review was current at Jan 2013)

We subscribed to Fitness for Fun back when Charlie was a newborn and Immi was three – Immi loved it.  And it made perfect sense that when Charlie was old enough he also attended, and he loved it too.

If you have a toddler who has loads of energy this class is fantastic – parents do participate, but hey there is no getting into bathers and into a pool!  My two were always knackered after their gym class and I was assured of a nice long nap (which often commenced before we even got home!).

The facilities are pretty amazing.  We have been to the Hawthorn venue (for a birthday party) and it is excellent – located within the school grounds of Bialik College.  **We attended the classes held in Prahran, which is tucked behind Swinburne’s Prahran campus, which is part of the Victorian Institute of Sport – yes real gymnasts train here… you might have noticed Ashleigh and Georgia at the 2012 London Olympics – hello!!

The bit of Kindergym that I didn’t enjoy so much was the fact that there is so much cool and amazing equipment to play on – and whilst as an adult I am totally on board with everyone taking turns and only using certain equipment whilst the teacher or assistant are leading, this was hard to explain/enforce to an almost three year old Charlie who didn’t really want to join in the welcome mat exercises.. he would much rather race about the play circuit, leap in the foam pit etc… and he thought it highly amusing that I would chase him about trying to contain him.  I should add that for at least 1.5 terms he was an angel, but by the end of term three we took a break!  Now that he’s much older, and used to following instructions, I am quite tempted to get back into it as it really is brilliant for their coordination – and my daughter has gone on to do school level gymnastics (at a different venue) and whilst she’s no Ashleigh Brennan she has the most incredible core strength and can shimmy up a rope like an SAS recruit!


** News about Bayside 2013

Nat has reported back from the new Sandringham venue.  Parking is easy and everything is very shiny and new – including impressive baby change facilities with complimentary wipes.