Fizzy Kids Birthday Extravaganza

Fizzy Kids Birthday Extravaganza

It’s party time and everyone is invited to join the Fizzy Kids Birthday Extravaganza with Isabel Angus and David Morris.  Part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

When: 4 until 11 April at 1.15pm (except Monday)

Where: Melbourne Town Hall – Backstage Room, 100 Swanston St, Melbourne

Cost: $13 – $16 ($10 Tuesday) + booking fee,

Thank you, Sally T Ridden and mini reviewers for visiting on behalf of Meetoo and sharing this excellent review.

Hi nice to meet you, we are Izzy and Dizzy (the not so identical grown up twins who can somehow finish each other’s sandwiches?!) oh and please ignore our boring sensible triplet brother Busy Fizzington.

It is party time and all kids are invited to join this special birthday extravaganza.  Kids are the best. Ever! Yo or no? Hey are you here kids cos we can’t hear you! So what do you like about being a kid?  I don’t know?!…  Maybe toys, horror films, I-pads and riding in parks….

For any grown-ups here, don’t worry your big grown up heads, it won’t be too crazy, too early, let’s first lull you into a false sense of security, after all there’s a plan, with a list of things to do.  We all know the schedule is so satisfying when we tick things off, nothing can go wrong when you stick to the plan…right?!

On a scale of silliness of 1-10, with 1 being serious, this show definitely scores a 10.

There’s a list of words scribbled onto loo paper that everyone’s not to use and of course you guessed it they consist of  the winning childhood combination of BUM, POO (poo pooh to poo pooh) and of course FART “a deliciously rude word”, and by the way no one is to actually do a fart please! Maybe someone needs to tell Izzy tricks don’t work if you tell them upfront.

There’s lots of “actoring” and feeling a lot of different emoji’s in this imaginative children’s stand-up comedy, who doesn’t love licking that chocolate ice-cream emoji?! 💩😂.

As a boring gross grown up, I felt the age difference in the 60 minute painfully silly interactive show, and most definitely tired, there were even moments of wishing I could indeed “be blown up as the grown up!”.  The kids on the other hand were fully engaged with the fizz-credible show about the age machine and extremely silly sausage in the intimate Backstage Theatre.

Seating and spacing could have been thought out a tad further to allow for movement, dance and interactive immersion and the artic air-conditioning being lowered to just a low chill.   But I’m just the grown up, the kids well truly loved all things poo-bum-fart!!

TIPS: Suit ages 4-9 yrs.  Pack a jumper, the venue is chilly.

‘Hurry get that vomit bucket!’ Riley (4yrs) ★★★★

‘They touched the yellow button which does something very bad’ Andrew (7yrs) ★★★★