Freerun Terrain Park (Bounce Inc)

Freerun Terrain Park (Bounce Inc)

Think parkour (minus the concrete) combined with “It’s A Knockout” (minus the water) sprinkled with a little Tough Mudder (minus the mud) and you might be close to Bounce Inc’s newest feature – the Freerun Terrain Park.  Kids say: AWESOME.

When: Mon – Thurs: 10am – 9pm, Fri: 10am – 9pm, Sat: 9am – 9pm, Sun: 9am – 7pm

Where:  2 Weir St, GLEN IRIS

Cost: included with your entry to Bounce, BYO lace up sneakers, $16 (remember if you want to use the trampolines you need Bounce grip socks, $2).  Click here to book.

If you have kids who like to be a bit extreme, who like to test their limits, who are full of beans – then the Bounce Freerun Terrain Park is the perfect space to go crazy.

If you are a nervous helicopter parent then this activity may not be for you.  The Freerun Terrain Park is all about your kids exploring and testing their own physical boundaries.  It’s also about parents getting in on the fun if they like getting physical and testing themselves too!  At the opening party adults (and kids) of all ages were really pushing themselves.

Bounce Inc has always been about knowing your limits and having respect (for yourself and others) – and their Freerun Terrain Park has taken this to a whole gutsy new level.

There are elements of the Freerun Terrain Park that only big kids and adults will be able to master – they are just built for adult-sized bodies.  But there are plenty of elements that the kids will be able to happily experience and master too.

For those who like a challenge there is an option to purchase a $5 wristband at the ticket desk – this allows you to touch on and off when you start and finish the course, enabling you to check out how fast you made it through the circuit. (NB these wristbands will be coming late Oct / Nov 2015).

We have been long time fans of Bounce (having had numerous sessions there, including two of our own parties).  And whilst we are yet to tire of the trampolines – the addition of the Freerun Terrain Park is something new and exciting to keep us coming back!

Also new to Glen Iris is AIR CONDITIONING – hello summer!