Glow Festival - Exxopolis

Glow Festival – Exxopolis

Exxopolis by Architects of Air  is a monumental sculpture whose labyrinthine tunnels and cavernous domes entice visitors to immerse themselves in bright colourful light.  It occupies the space of half a football field and is constructed using 3,000 square metres of plastic.

When: Midday – 9pm daily until 24 August 2014

Where:  Jam Factory rooftop car park

Cost: $15 (children aged 5 and under FREE).  Click here to book.

Tickets can be pre purchased for a set time (to ensure priority entry) – however when we visited, at 6pm on Friday night, there was no queue and it wasn’t very crowded.  During the week (in school hours) there are school groups visiting and these periods can be busy.

Top tip – bring an extra pair of socks!  Shoes can’t be worn inside Exxopolis and once the sunshine has gone the space gets quite cold.  You also need to treat the structure gently – this is not a jumping castle (despite appearances).  But be prepared to be wowed by the colours and shapes created by the labyrinth inside and the light shining in from outside.

Tickets allow you 20 minutes inside – the night we visited it was fairly quiet and we could have stayed longer (no one appeared at any point to tell us it was time to move outside) but 20 minutes was enough time to sit and ponder, explore all the spaces and re visit favourite spots.  And after 20 minutes we were starting to loose the feeling in our feet – did I mention it was cold?

Back in 2011 Immi and I were lucky enough to visit another one of the Architects of Air sculptures in Sydney.  It was a very similar sculpture but a different experience – for starters it was 27C outside and about 38C inside!  The Mirazozo was located on the harbour right next to the Opera House, and hugely popular – so we waited for 45 minutes in the hot sunshine to purchase a ticket… at the time I wondered if we were mad – but once we got inside it was worth it.  If you can go during the day you will definitely see more colour and the sculpture is a different experience in daylight (and easier for photographing too!).

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