gut feelings exhibition

Gut Feelings: Melbourne Museum {exhibition}

Did you know that approximately 1-2kg of your body weight is made up of microbes that live on you and inside you – specifically within your gut!  Gut Feelings is an exhibition that is full of groundbreaking insights that will definitely have you thinking twice about reaching for the probiotics…

Where: First floor, Melbourne Museum, Nicholson Street CARLTON

Cost: included with general entry

This content-rich exhibition is one that will appeal to all ages.  The beautiful use of interactive screens and graphics along with tactile elements mean that the kids will pause and interact… Also as you get towards the end of the exhibit there are two screens sharing interviews with doctors and patients; possibly listening to the ins and outs of “poo transplants” will have older kids momentarily transfixed!

I definitely learned a few new things while I was there… that our mothers passed some of our microbes to us via the placenta, that we have more microbes than cells (37 trillion!) and that gut microbes can affect not just your body but also your behavior and mental health (well I did know about the impact diet can play on autism spectrums, so it makes sense that this is relevant to all of us!).

Interestingly the science here is really new – the findings behind your body’s microorganisms is only just being explored.  Most of this was unknown five years ago.

During the April School holidays, the kids can take part in the very special Gut Feelings installation and performance on the ground floor – be sure to book in advance.