gut feelings melbourne museum

Gut Feelings {Melbourne Museum} presented by Born in a Taxi

Take a dive, quite literally, into the digestive system!  The tour is led by two bacteria who show you around their home – the stomach, small intestine and large intestine.  Very entertaining and informative all in one!

When: various times and dates until 16 April, book here.

Where: Melbourne Museum CARLTON

Cost: $25 (members $20)

Could learning be any more fun than this??  I seriously think not.  The only downside to this experience is that (unless you’ve specially requested in advance) this is just for the kids.  As part of the media preview, I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek into what the kids experienced.  Disclaimer: it involved a good 5-10 minutes of crawling (we were having so much fun I can’t really accurately guess how long we crawled for, but it was a while!).

What can the kids expect to experience?  Well, after crawling into the mouth they pass along the esophagus into the stomach.  Here the group pause to reflect and gain their bearings.  They also stop to watch a series of films that show camera footage of where food goes and what happens.  They also discuss what happens in the stomach and why the stomach is designed the way it is.

From here they pass into the small intestine and crawl… and crawl and crawl!  Before emerging into the large intestine where they are able to slow down and leave their mark.  There are plenty of puns, lots of toilet humor and as you approach the end of the large intestine – lots of farts!  Here the tour ends as the children exit the final sphincter shrouded in toilet paper.

All up expect the kids to be immersed in the digestive system for 30-40 minutes!  Enough time to pop upstairs and check out the “Gut Feelings” exhibition space – an exhibition that explores the 1-2kg of microbes we all carry around with us (37 trillion of them in fact!).