Honey & Co (kids postal service)

Honey & Co (kids postal club)

The Honey & Co packages are not only beautifully presented and wonderfully thought through – they are loads of fun and, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love receiving a parcel in the mail?!

When:  Kits are posted out in the first week of the month.  You can subscribe for just one, or have them delivered every month!

Cost:  Starts at $29 (includes postage) for a single, click here for more information.

Charlie is 7 (the recommended ages for Honey & Co is 0-5) and he was thrilled to have a parcel delivered to our door with his name on it – he had never received a parcel with his name on it (well not one he could recall).  It arrived on a school morning and so I promised he could open it once he was all ready for school – well breakfast was eaten, shoes were on, teeth were brushed and the lunchbox was produced in record time!  Thankfully the contents of the parcel didn’t disappoint – Charlie loves to get his hands dirty in the garden, so the only downside was we couldn’t head out and pot up the seeds immediately.

This little package would make a wonderful gift, possibly a great travel distraction (maybe not the gardening themed one tho, not sure how airlines feel about magic dirt!) and a fun subscription for parents and grandparents who are looking for activities to entertain preschoolers (or older kids over school holidays).

All of the contents of the kit are of high quality – the gloves, the magnifying glass and the calico pouch are things we can use over and over again – and the windmill and the seeds (when they grow) will also continue to provide joy.

Thanks for sharing this months subscription with us Honey & Co.