Ice Age

Ice Age Live! A Mammoth Adventure

Ice Age Live! A Mammoth Adventure is an arena ice spectacular – musical, interactive kinetic theatrical design, a thrilling effect that’s likened to a magic “Wonderland” for the kids.

When: Friday 8th April – 2 pm, Saturday 9th April – 10am, 2 pm and 6 pm, Sunday 10th April – Noon, First Act: 50 minutes, Interval: 15 – 20 minutes, Second Act: 50 minutes (Total duration 2 hours approx.)


Cost: $37 – $100, book now.

Thank you Sally T. Ridden for your words and attending on behalf of Meetoo

Sid and the extraordinary Ice Age herd are here in Melbourne for three days with their large-scale arena show Ice Age Live! A Mammoth Adventure, the first of its kind to combine world-class performers ice skating, aerial arts, singing, acrobatics, comedy, martial arts, video/film animation and interactive multi-purpose scenery, dialogue and life sized puppetry. Think of the masterminds of Cirque du Soleil and Holiday on Ice combining with the Ice Age creative team.

Ice Age is one of the world’s most successful animated movie franchises with the loveable animal characters ,“1 Heart, 1 Family, 1 Unity = 1 Herd”.

  • Sid – a motor-mouthed sloth with a heart of gold, called Fire King (or Firewood) by a tribe of mini-sloths
  • Manni (featuring Ray Romano’s recognizable voice)  – the family mammoth who will do anything to protect his family and herd,
  • Ellie –  the loving nurturing Mummy woolly mammoth, who thinks she’s part possum
  • Peaches  – the baby mammoth to Manni & Ellie, who loves adventure & sleeps on her trunk?!
  • Diego – the saber-tooth with ferocious fangs, who is actually one big softy:-  and of course
  • Scrat – the acorn-loving pre-historic squirrel

This spectacular spin-off with a unique new storyline (duration approx. 2 hrs) is based on the first three films, will win your family over with the introduction of new exciting characters along with the loveable favourites. 15 characters breathe life and personality, real life-sized 3.6-metre-tall figures and mammoth costumed characters rather than “puppets” that look as if they have stepped straight off the screen.

  • Buck – a one-eyed weasel who helps along the adventure
  • Shadow – a dangerous white prehistoric bird, invisible in ice & snow who rules the forbidden territory
  • Shadow Followers – Duke, Thorn & Chaos – 3 giant prehistoric birds, servants to Shadow, birds who cannot fly
  • Crash & Eddie – the 2 mischievous possums
  • Scratte – the foxy feminine squirrel version of Scrat, also crazy about acorns & nuts
  • Mini Sloth tribe
  • 12 Foxes

My Briefest Storyline ever:- The grass is greener in the forbidden land ruled by the evil Shadow bird & his followers and the lovable herd must venture there, as grass is running low.  At nightfall Peaches and both possums (Crash & Eddie) are revenge captured by the dangerous birds and Ellie is left hurt, unable to fight, chase or follow. The fearless heroes, Manni, Diego and Sid then embark on adventures to re-unite the herd altogether again, crossing paths with more characters, surviving an avalanche, meeting the mini-sloths who worship Sid the Fire King and discovering an Enchanted garden on their journey.

The 20-minute intermission could either be help or hindrance.  Remember Rule #7 – always blame the Sloth! Kids don’t sit (still) for long, they need toilet breaks and attention realignment.  The snack queues are expected, as are the merchandise stalls.

It was indeed of Mammoth proportions and delivered above expectation.  I loved it myself! The 3 kids (4.5, 5.5 & 7.5yrs) all want to go again and my son was humming the Wonderland lullaby on the way home before he too fell asleep, probably dreaming of joining the Ice Age live show as the aerial acrobat Shadow.  RESPECT!