Sam Woods

Interview with Sam Wood

You might remember Sam Wood from the Batchelor… he wasn’t your average Batchelor in so far as there was an interesting person behind the guns and pretty face.  Sam’s season as Batchie was the only season I watched from beginning to end – my interest (from a Meetoo perspective) was captured early on by the fact that Sam founded a kids fitness program (Gecko Sports) – and speaking from my experience, people who run kids programs are usually always lovely.

Sam Woods

Fast forward a couple of years and Sam is still sharing a fitness journey – now with his online program 28 by Sam Wood.  I have been a 28’er since the beginning of Feb and it’s a great program – you can do as little or as much as you want.*

Here’s our interview with Sam.

Now that you’re no longer a bachelor, how do you keep fit and factor in quality time with Snez and Eve – is this something that you all do together when possible?  How would you encourage families to enjoy a healthy life together?  What would be your three top no brainers every family should be doing right now?

It’s always a challenge but you have to it. My top 3 tips would be:

  1. Don’t try and find the time – make the time.
  2. 30 minutes a day is enough
  3. Do things as a family (Bike rides, walks, kicking the footy) it doesn’t matter what you do – just do it together.

My single mama tribe are keen for you to share your insights… What advice would you give guys who were looking to start a relationship with a single mother?

I believe you simply cannot categorise people before you know them for them.  I never looked at Snez as a single Mum, she was/is just perfect in every way so for me I was just nervous about Eve liking me.  It definitely has new challenges and you need to be prepared to change your way of living but I believe it has been a change for the better and don’t let it be a reason that you don’t explore a relationship as you could miss out on the best thing in your life.

Does it matter what level of fitness you have before taking part in the 28 program?

Not at all. We have 5 levels from ‘Rookie’ to ‘Maniac’ so no matter where you are starting from we have you covered. The most important thing is starting.Sam Wood

*I have been plagued with a bad back on and off for a couple of years and late last year it flared up again – and I struggled through school holidays before I finally went to the physio…

My weekly sessions with my physio Jess have got me to a point where I am able to properly move again and I am ready to graduate back into a weekly pilates class.  Jess was very encouraging of my 28 experience (her mum does it too) – especially when I told her that the days that I have logged on and done my workouts I’ve felt so much better – that the movement and stretching has been immediately beneficial to me.  I suspect I will be on the Rookie level for awhile – I do have some commitment issues when it comes to fitness… walking and riding my scooter I can do daily, and once a week classes I am okay with – but everyday workouts (even ones as short as 28 minutes)… I am trying (and want) to get better!

Sam Wood has 12,000 people taking part in his ’28 by Sam Wood’ health & fitness online program each month with great success. The program starts at the beginning of each month (next is 6 March) and is an easy way for busy people of all levels of fitness to fit into their daily routine. The program runs via tablets, phones or PCs, to access daily 28-minute high intensity and fun workout videos, delicious meals with ready to print shopping lists, mindfulness tools and podcasts, humour, celebrities and a really engaged online community of 28’ers.  Check out the intro video and more information on this link: