PlayFest Jazzamatazz

Interview with Ali McGregor

ARIA nominee Ali McGregor will be bringing her acclaimed Jazzamatazz! show to Melbourne’s PlayFest this November.  As well as Jazzamatazz! Ali will be producing and performing with a range of special guests in her Cabaret Spectacular! event.

Meetoo is a proud supporter of PlayFest and so we were very excited to find out more about this wonderfully talented mum of two in the lead up to PlayFest’s two-day music festival for kids.  Thank you Ali for sharing your inside tips with us and see you in November.PlayFest Jazzamatazz
Ali please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your family.
I’m Ali, I’m a singer. I’m married to a comedian* & we have two girls aged 4 & 10 months.  We split our time between London and Melbourne (double summer, yay!)
Do you have a favourite family outing? 
We live in the west & we have a favourite cafe there called the Corner Shop. Riding up to the village, having brunch, going to the park… We travel so much that the simple pleasures are the best. Although the girls & I do love a day at the National Gallery. Mainly the scones with jam & cream in the posh cafe upstairs and the climbing frame to be honest…
What makes it successful, any tips on making it a fun day, any insider tips.
Snacks. Oh, and the promise of ice cream at the end of the outing.  {Ali I think you and I come from the same school of parenting!}
Are your children enrolled in any classes?
Our 4 year old does a fantastic free dance class at the Yarraville community Centre, a gym class at Footscray Gym & art class at Little Creatures in Seddon. She loves them all.
What do your school holidays (or just holidays in general) consist of for your family?
We travel for a living so holidays are rare but also constant. Always lots of adventures to be had be it in Brussels or Wodonga!
You’re going out with the family for the day – what do you need to do to prepare?
Snacks, spare clothes, water bottles, snacks, colouring books & textas, snacks, nappies, bottle, snacks.
A family holiday destination – do you have a favourite to share?
My daughter loved Phuket but that was mainly because the resort we stayed at had a space around the pool/restaurant area that could be utilised as a stage for ‘performances’.  Total.  Diva.   Also Copenhagen – we hired a bike with a trailer box on the front and I ride around all day exploring the city.  Tivoli Gardens was also great fun.
Do you and the kids have any favourite iPhone/iPad apps?
Anything Toca Boca (hair studio is a fave) Duck Duck Moose Ones are great for the little ones. Loopy tunes, Curious George shapes, ABC for Kids, Paint my Wings, FW Animals (taught her to read & write very early), Monkey Lunch Box, Jazzy ABC (did I say we travel a lot?!)
Any events/activities/travels planned for the near future that you want to share?
PlayFest!! It’s ALL about PlayFest!**
What are you most looking forward to about Playfest?
The Cabaret Spectacular Tent of course!  And sharing that almost forgotten but longed for festival vibe with the chicklettes…

Editor’s note:
*You might have heard of Ali’s comedian husband, Adam Hills.
**Don’t miss out on tickets to PlayFest happening at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl on 21 & 22 November 2014,