The It Kit

Interview with Anna Gurry, one half of The It Kit

Today’s interview is with Anna Gurry, co-founder of The It Kit, a fabulous online destination for gifts.

If you have someone in your life who is tricky to shop for or you find searching for the perfect gift hard work then check out the beautifully curated selection Anna and her business partner Miranda offer at The It Kit.

Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your family.
My name is Anna. I am married to Jesse and am the mother of three gorgeous children – Matilda (6), Laila (4) and Archie (21 months). I completed a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters in Human Resource Management before working for a number of years in major events. As much as I loved my time in events, it was a pretty intense and demanding working environment so when my husband and I started our family I wanted a new challenge that would enable me to better balance my home and working life. This led to the creation of The It Kit with my wonderful business partner Miranda who has just given birth to her second child – a beautiful baby boy named Louis! My husband, a property consultant, also runs his own business so we often swap notes about the challenges of running a business.

Do you have a favourite family outing?
Days at the beach are definitely my family’s favourite outing! Our kids can keep themselves entertained for hours building sandcastles and playing in the water. It’s lovely to watch.

What makes it successful, any tips on making it a fun day, any insider tips.
For us preparation is key – especially as our youngest is yet to turn two. We make sure we pack lots of spare clothes and plenty of healthy, filling snacks. Having said this, no matter how organised we think we are, we invariably leave something at home!

Are your children enrolled in any classes?
Both of our daughters are currently taking dance classes, which they are loving. Our youngest, Archie, has just started at a kinder gym which is the perfect way for him to expend some excess energy! Swimming lessons are the other activity that each of our kids do all year round.

You’re going out with the family for the day – what do you need to do to prepare?
With three children in tow I need to pack a pretty large bag (our Project Ten Oversize Totes are perfect for this!*). I always make sure to take lots of spare clothes (including spare bathers if we’re going to the beach as one of my daughters likes to change hers during the day!) and plenty of food. Our kids aren’t great car travellers but I’ve found that having plenty of snacks on hand really helps!

What do your school holidays (or just holidays in general) consist of for your family?
Running our businesses means that my husband and I work most school holidays so our children spend time with grandparents, school friends and baby sitters. We do, however, try to take a least one family holiday each year during the school holidays.

A family holiday destination – do you have a favourite to share?
Some of our favourite memories are from family holiday in Fiji. It’s so easy to get to and the locals are just so wonderful with children. We’ve found that having easy access to a beach and pool is the perfect combination. Our girls have made lots of friends when we’ve been in Fiji, keeping them happy and entertained all day.

Given how much we all love the beach our family holidays are usually beachside! We love Fiji, the Mornington Peninsula, Sydney, Noosa and Broome.

Do you and the kids have any favourite books?
All three of our kids adore books and love being read to. My girls are just loving the Billy B Brown books at the moment, and Archie just loves Time for Bed.              

Any events/activities/travels planned for the near future that you want to share?
We are planning to go to Sydney over Easter and are mulling over various different options for the September holidays. We are always dreaming about travelling further afield but until Archie gets a little older, and easier to fly with, we will probably end up back in Fiji or QLD which, of course, will be lovely!



Editors note: *I have one of the Project Ten Totes and it’s great for weekends away: games and toys, dirty laundry, beach towels – perfect bag for loading up the car.