Interview with Lucy Durack

If you were lucky enough to catch the 2014 production of Wicked you would be very familiar with the work of Lucy Durack – and after some time off with her newborn in 2015 Lucy is hitting the stage again to star in a Disney Under The Stars concert – touring Australia in 2016._BPS1955_8x12

Hi Lucy, please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your family.

I am Lucy Durack, I am a singer and an actress and have spent a lot of the last 8 years playing Glinda the Good Witch in the musical Wicked, Elle Woods in Legally Blonde the musical as well as some different roles in films and tv shows, all of which hs been a lot of fun! I am from a large and very close family, most of whom live in Perth and I now have my own family consisting of my husband Christopher, our 7 month old daughter Polly and our maltese cross toy poodle Takse (said ‘Taxi’, Chris chose it mostly for the fun you can have calling it out in the park.)

Do you have a favourite family outing?

We love taking Polly and Takse for walks around our neighbourhood and to the local markets on a weekend.

What makes it successful, any tips on making it a fun day, any insider tips.

I like having plans and lists but I find when I’m out with the family, the more I can let go and ‘go with the flow’ rather than having set expectations, the more fun it is. Having said that, being prepared with enough of what you need like drinks and snacks is always useful.

Is Polly enrolled in any classes?

Not yet although I am quite keen to take Polly to swimming and a gymbaroo type class this year.

What do your holidays consist of for your family?

My husband Chris is from the Gold Coast and I am from Perth so usually, our holidays consist of going to both those places to visit our families. Luckily, they are both lovely places to holiday with beautiful parks and beaches so we end up spending time in gorgeous locations with family and friends.

You are going out with the family for the day what do you need to do to prepare?

Seeing as Polly is only young, I have to pack a pretty decent sized bag with bottles, food, nappies, wipes, dummies, toys, spare clothes etc. I also like to have water for Chris and I, a fully charged phone for any googling or google mapping required to make our day better and easier, not to mention to use for music, we love to have music underscoring our days where possible! Hats, bathers and towels are also a good idea in case we end up somewhere you can swim, which always makes for a lovely day!

A family holiday destination do you have a favourite to share?

We love Rottnest Island, which is off the coast of Perth in WA. Chris ad I have been there many times and even got married there! It is beautiful, calm, low key and has amazing beaches, some with very few waves which make them magical to swim at. There are only service vehicles on the island, everyone else gets around on bicycles or on foot, they have a few cafes and shops including a wonderful bakery that makes the best jam donuts and, all in all, it is extremely peaceful.

Do you and the kids have any favourite iPhone/iPad apps or books?

Polly loves the Kids ABC iview app and we love any Mem Fox books. Before bed, we usually finish with Andrew Daddo and Emma Quay’s Goodnight Me, it is a lovely book that goes through all your body parts thanking them for the day you’ve just had and is a nice note to end the day on.

Any events/activities/travels planned for the near future that you want to share?

I am so looking forward to Disney in Concert Under the Stars and then to singing with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra later in the year in the ‘Witches’ concert at the Sydney Opera House. I was in a pilot episode for a series called The Let Down (it is a hilarious series about woman and her Mother’s Group, I play one of the mothers in her group) for the ABC that will also air sometime soon and I am really looking forward to seeing that!DISNEY GROUP (4 of 4) JPEG

Starring Australia’s top musical theatre and pop talent, David Campbell, Ricki-Lee, Lucy Durack and Harrison Craig, Disney Under the Stars will take audiences in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane on a magical journey through the best-loved Disney songs of all time.
Directed by celebrated musical director Chong Lim, the series of performances will take place on 5 March in iconic Sidney Myer Music Bowl.  Click here for more information.