interview with Sharon Gruenert from Circus Oz

Interview with Sharon Gruenert

Today’s interview is with Sharon Gruenert, an acrobat and mum with Circus Oz.  If my kids read this there will be a serious case of envy as it sounds like she has a pretty awesome circus set up at home!

Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your family.

My name is Sharon Gruenert and I’m an acrobat with Circus Oz.  My family includes my partner Adam, our two girls, Rainey who is 8 and Dusty who is 5, and a dog and a cat.  We live in a converted warehouse which has a circus training space inside which doubles as a huge kids play space filled with swings, ropes, mats and a trampoline.

Do you have a favourite family outing?

A favourite family outing would be a walk along Merri creek including some rock hopping in the creek and ending with a play at the playground at Coburg Lake Park.

What makes it successful?

This trip keeps us all happy because we’re outside in nature without having to travel too far, and we can take the dog!

Are your children enrolled in any classes?

Dusty does a gymnastics class on Saturday mornings and Rainey does a circus class and a piano lesson after school. 

What do your school holidays (or just holidays in general) consist of for your family?

On the school holidays we usually go camping or hiking for a few days, it’s great to get away from the modern world for a while, to cook on an open fire, to make cubby houses out of sticks and branches, to wade through rivers or hike up mountains.  We also have lots of down time at home which usually includes lots of creative play and craft as well as inviting friends over to play.  They also get to choose one extra special activity each such as going ice-skating, or a trip to puffing billy.

You’re going out with the family for the day – what do you need to do to prepare?

For a day out I bring lots of healthy snacks and spare clothes.  If it’s a long drive I have recently discovered audio books for the kids.  They can listen to a story and use their imagination while still looking out the window and seeing where we are going.

A family holiday destination – do you have a favourite to share?

A favourite family holiday destination would have to be Wilson’s Promontory; some of the most beautiful beaches in world and so close to Melbourne.  My kids love playing where the creeks meet the ocean, and there are some great hikes!

Any events/activities/travels planned for the near future that you want to share?

This winter we’re taking the kids skiing for the first time at Mt Baw Baw [Sharon have you read our Mt Baw Baw review?!].  They will also come on tour with me.

If you want to see Sharon doing her thing you’ll find her in the big top on Birrarung Marr these school holidays, click here for more details.interview with Sharon Gruenert from Circus Oz