Josh Cohen School of Music

The Josh Cohen School of Music offers lessons for all ages. The team is very passionate about their music, yet their school isn’t intimidating or stuffy (or pitched to preschoolers) sitting somewhere comfortably between music intellectual and hipster.

When: during school term

Where: two campuses, Malvern & Hawthorn

Cost: from $65, more details here.

Immi started piano lessons when she was in prep (and I myself studied numerous musical instruments across 13 years) so I consider myself to have some experience when it comes to music lessons!

The Josh Cohen School of Music isn’t the first music school experience for my kids.  We started off with the in-school provider at our local primary school, graduated to private lessons at home, then tried a music school (not JCMS)… and then went back to private lessons.  As you can see I have chopped and changed A LOT!  Not always by choice – but of the seven teachers we had over those seven years, only one was a teacher that my kids clicked with… but she moved to Thornbury (and our lessons were at her house) and the weekly drive down Punt Road in peak hour traffic was literally meaning I was losing the will to live.

My children are both the type who are inspired by a teacher’s style and personality – and when you find a teacher who has your child excited to learn plus enthusiastically choosing to do their practice at home, you’ve hit the jackpot.

So you can understand my hesitation to leave our Thornbury teacher…

Thankfully the Josh Cohen School of Music offers a trial lesson.

With a little wariness, Charlie and I went along to a trial lesson.  Charlie practically cartwheeled out of the studio after our trial lesson he was so enthusiastic about the experience, and the rest, as they say, is history.  (NB/ I was doubly thrilled as it meant my nervous breakdown inducing weekly drive to Thornbury was finally over after nearly two years.)

So my learnings in all of this?

  1. Piano lessons aren’t cheap.  It’s important that your child is engaged and prepared to put in time for practice.
  2. Also, music isn’t something you try for one term – if you’re going to sign up, then it’s really at about the 2-year mark that things start to click (obviously depends on the student!).
  3. And don’t be afraid to try a new teacher if your child isn’t making a connection with their teacher… I have had a chance to experience both ends of the spectrum and I can vouch that when your child wants to go to their lesson and doesn’t require hostage like negotiations to do their practice – music happens, just like it should, with joy.  And it’s a little bit magical.