Julian Opie and NGV for Kids

Julian Opie and NGV for Kids

Julian Opie is currently on show at the NGV International – his exhibition is playful and relatable.  And the NGV Kids gallery space is currently dedicated to Mr Opie’s work, offering creative projects that even adults will want to get into!

When: until 17 February 2019

Where: NGV International, St Kilda Road MELBOURNE

Cost: FREE

This is a great exhibition for the kids because quite a few of the artworks are screen based and they are fun… watch the portrait in the painting – she might be sitting still but sometimes she blinks, or her earring wobbles.  Can you walk the catwalk with the same stride?  It’s not a huge exhibition (although there are plenty of Opie’s works beyond the gallery space!) so 30-40 minutes is more than enough time to see everything.

Do, however, leave time for the NGV for Kids space – we easily spent 40 minutes in here creating masterpieces both on the screen and with felt cutouts.  And do be prepared to wait a turn for a screen (although there are plenty of screens dotted around so don’t be afraid to do a lap of the space before you choose your spot to wait).  We went on a Sunday afternoon and the wait time (if you were a little strategic in where you waited) was about 5 minutes.

For more information visit the Julian Opie NGV exhibition, visit the website. Interested in visiting Escher X nendo with the kids?  Read our review now.