Jump On the Bandwagon, ArtPlay

Jump on the Bandwagon

This was an event we attended last year and I have been waiting to write this review as it was such an amazing experience!  Uplifting, joyous and sure to leave you smiling for the rest of the day – suitable for any age.

When:  Sunday 22 September, NOTE NEW TIME: 3-4pm

Where:  ArtPlay, Birrarung Marr, Federation Square, MELBOURNE

Cost: $10 per family (of up to six), click here to book



The delightful thing about Bandwagon is that you don’t need to have had any musical experience, yet on the flip-side it’s just as much fun for a seasoned musician.

When you first arrive there is a little bit of time to work out what type of instrument you want to play – there are loads to borrow and you’re invited to also BYO.  We brought along our ukulele – but ended up loaning it to someone else as Charlie preferred the idea of banging a drum.  Immi has been learning piano so she headed to the xylophones.

Once you’ve decided on a spot each group (eg. wind, string, drum, percussion) sits together to practice a beat or riff or tune – Gillian also asks the band what theme they would like for the lyrics and anyone with ideas contributes to the words, pretty quickly there is the beginnings of a tune and song.  Each group also has in its mix a professional musician to help lead their group, and those who are able can choose to be more involved in more challenging ways.

If you have ever played an instrument in a band or orchestra you will understand the joy it can bring to be sitting on the inside (it’s great to be in an audience, but I can tell you sitting in the orchestra is a million times better!).  Jump On The Bandwagon gives children (and grown ups) an insight as to what it’s like to be part of a group making music together.  This was a fantastic opportunity for Immi especially – learning piano and playing solo can get a little dull, but being part of Bandwagon hopefully gave her an insight into what she can do with her musical knowledge in the future.

At the end of our music design and practice stage Gillian conducted us through our final performance – it was awesome!

Here’s a recording of our performance, please excuse the quality (it didn’t help that I was sitting right in front of the snare drum!)