Jurassic Creatures at Harbourtown Docklands

Jurassic Creatures at Harbourtown Docklands

Jurassic Creatures is a spectacular interactive dinosaur display including animatronics at all heights and levels.  It’s loud, exciting and dark – with lots of bright lights.  It is indeed a total sensory overload.  The kids were amazed at the size and scope of the animals on display and had a ball.

When: Saturday 12 March – Sunday 17 April 2016, 10am, 1pm & 4pm (check session dates) 2.5 hr sessions

Where: Harbourtown – Docklands

Cost:  Kids 2-12 $22 (under 2 FREE), Adults $32, Family Pass $105, VIP $60  book online at ticketmaster.com.au

Words & photography by Sally T. Ridden (aka mummadactyl).  Sally is our resident dinosaur event expert (thanks to her dino obsessed four year old) and she and her family attended the opening event.

We’re back! Only this time for ancient interactive ice creatures – Jurassic Creatures.  Our three mini palaeontologists tracked down the prehistoric ice age creatures in Harbourtown under the big top and Melbourne Star.  Expect a mammoth queue to get into your session (we ensured we purchased a necessary coffee in hand for the wait) but once the doors opened we entered through the jaws of the t-rex (or doors) to have our photo taken in a dinosaur egg and saddled up for a joy-ride on the back of a baby triceratops.

The kids loved the spectacular interactive dinosaur displays with animatronics at all heights and levels.  It’s loud, it’s noisy, it’s dark and there are lots of bright lights.  It is indeed total sensory overload. The kids were delighted with the size and scope of the animals on display.

A quick play in the dinosaur neon sand stall featuring a life-size t-rex skull. Then it was off to dress up in white mini palaeontologists coats and eye protection.  Our mini palaeontologists were then each handed an egg, directed to small tables kitted with essential digging tools (chisel and hammer) inside a wooden box to begin the fossil hunt for a prehistoric skeleton.

Suddenly new loud sounds of the Dinosaur Train theme song had the dino trio bolt over to the seated stage area for a live show where the kids were literally hanging onto the stage, whilst Buddy the T-rex and his brother Pterodactyl Tiny danced and sang along to all their favourite Jim Henson’s dino hits.  Not enough to hold onto their over-stimulated attention span after a few dinosaur stomps and tail whacks, they raced to the bouncy castle to let off more dinosaur roars.

Having spent some excess energy the kids slowed down and were intrigued by the Sabertooth, the mammoth and other ice creatures next to the fossil display as they head towards the light at the end of the tent that lead to free amusement rides – a train, a ship and tea-cup ride (expect queues for each).

After securing themselves a very reasonably priced dinosaur light sabre (choose from a triceratops or t-rex for only $7.00) from the merchandise store they were ready for getting creative and crafty with the dinosaur sand art and colour in section.

All up it took us two hours to enjoy the whole Jurassic Creatures event.  It’s exhausting for the parent as you really need to keep an eye on your kids, it’s loud and noisy but the dinosaurs lovers absolutely love it. The cost per adult could do with a review, given we are really only there to chaperone.  (Maybe throw in a free cuppa?) 

The big top venue is not too large and overall the experience is very well done – something especially roar-some for little imaginations aged six and under!

How to get there:

  • Free City Circle Tram or Tram 70 & 86
  • Bus 220 or Melbourne City Tourist Shuttle Bus
  • Train to Southern Cross
  • Plenty of Car Parking