KereKere Green Cafe, Fitzroy Gardens

Coffee culture (with a conscience) has made it to the Fitzroy Gardens!  Located next to Cooks Cottage and surrounded by family-friendly gardens this cafe is a welcome oasis.

When:  Open daily for breakfast and lunch. More details.

Where:  Fitzroy Gardens Visitors Centre, 230 Wellington Parade, MELBOURNE

The Fitzroy Gardens is a delicious spot to picnic or lose oneself for hours – but prior to KereKere Green Fitzroy Gardens was a bit of a black hole when it came to good coffee and hip food.  So you can imagine my smile when a friend recently introduced me to this fab cafe.

The landscaping surrounding KereKere is fun (although there is water to splash in so bring gumboots or bathers and a change of clothes if you have toddlers).  And Fitzroy Gardens at large offers plenty of space to roam, as well as the favourite playground and loads of shady spots (see our review of the gardens here).

KereKere Green is a cafe with a social conscience – so everytime you make a purchase you get to choose which charity KereKere will support on your behalf.  KereKere (pronounced kerry-kerry) is the Fijian custom in which a relative or neighbour can request something that is needed and it must be willingly given with no expectation of repayment. The owner, James Murphy, was introduced to this concept as a child growing up in Fiji.

Nice touches include the fenced-in outdoor seating (always a bonus with little ones), the toy box and complimentary sunscreen.  The food and coffee are also delicious.