kids pizza making class

Pizza Making at 400 Gradi in Brunswick

This is a kids pizza making class you don’t want to miss!

When:  the 3rd Sat of every month, from 10am-12pm

Where:  400 Gradi, 99 Lygon St, EAST BRUNSWICK

Cost:  two-hour class cost $45 per child (includes assisting parent, dough to take home and pizza to eat).  To book call 9380 2320

Thanks to Alli Price from Motivating Mum for this fab review!

So I dragged myself out of bed in the school holidays at the unearthly time of 8am to make it to a kids pizza making class with my youngest gal (5) at 400 Gradi in Brunswick with the store’s owner, Johnny Di Francesco.

I was expecting to be sitting on a chair off to the side for 2 hours looking at my phone whilst my daughter learned how to make pizzas but instead, when it was time to begin, Johnny called the parents in with the kids and assembled us around large silver bowls of ingredients.

He began the lesson by informing us that there are two types of pizza in the world – Napolitana and everything else – and then gave us an insight into his history with pizza (starting at the age of 12 in Naples). It was at this point I realised that the class was not going to be making some soggy, par-standard pizzas.

He talked the kids (and us parents) through the steps, all the while giving insight into why things were done the way they were and how different ingredients reacted with each other. In no time at all my daughter was elbow deep in wet dough with a giant smile on her face – kneading for all she was worth.

Johnny and another staff member assisted the kids during the whole process and an hour later, we were all standing proudly behind 8 dough balls each. These were then packed away to use at home and we were shown into the kitchen to assemble pizzas (on pre-made bases) and watch how the wood-fired oven worked.

Whilst enjoying the delicious, traditional pizzas, I was able to ask Johnny why he ran the Masterclasses (he really doesn’t need to – the lines to get in to his restaurant are huge) and he said it was because he wanted kids to understand how easy it was to make good food from scratch – they don’t need take away or pre-packaged food. His answer didn’t surprise me – his passion and enthusiasm really shone through in the class and he educated the kids in a way that was interesting).

I would highly recommend this class to anyone thinking of attending. It was engaging, even for parents, Johnny has a wonderful manner and I learned how to make pizza too! It also helped that we got to eat the pizzas afterwards – so it’s really a class and lunch combo.

Classes run the 3rd Sat of every month and Johnny also runs Masterclasses for adults.

Alli Price is the founder of Motivating Mum ( – providing support and advice to mums in business, or starting out, by way of events, mentoring, affordable business services and more. She knows what it means to find entertainment for the kids in school hols so work can be done!