Kinglake Forest Adventures

Kinglake Forest Adventure

During the week on a school term Kinglake Forest Adventure is the home to corporate groups and school camps looking for an adrenaline rush – on the weekends and school holidays they open their doors to the public.

When: Weekends and school holidays, 11am – 3pm

Where: 1419 Whittlesea-Yea Rd, Kinglake West

Cost: from $40

Kinglake Forest Adventure is just over an hours drive from Melbourne’s CBD – and it’s a straightforward road trip.

The site is a beautiful piece of bush and the trees are huge – the first thing that hits you as you get out of the car is the fresh fresh air.  The kids could barely contain their excitement after the drive down the dramatic driveway we followed a path through some trees and over a rise, and the cafe and briefing building appeared.

Before we began any climbing we were thoroughly briefed and our gear thoroughly checked.  Kingslake Forest Adventures keep groups small and you have a staff member with you the entire time you are in the tree climbing course (often two staff).

Staff were very encouraging and not at all pushy – and with two hours to climb we didn’t feel any pressure to rush.

This course is all about pushing your limits and trying new things.

It’s not course with a beginning and an end – you can choose which climbs you want to do and there is no particular order.  Most of the activities are individual challenges, but there is a group tug of war – which we attempted but there was only one member of our group who was plucky enough to properly give it a go!

After our climbing we stopped for lunch – the kids had time to ask more questions and explore a little.

Before we set off mountain biking we had a ten or so minute lesson on how to use the bikes and so tips to navigating bumps and hills.  Slim, who took us through the briefing, also gave us tips on the three different courses and showed us down the path to where the course began… then he left us to it.

The two daredevils in our group took off like the wind, Immi and I were a little more cautious (and we also stopped to film).

The bike track took the speedy ones about 30 minutes, Immi and I were about 40 minutes.  The path was challenging but not crazy – and I hardly ever ride my bike (and Immi hasn’t ridden for ages as her last bike was a lemon so it’s been 2 years since we’ve properly been riding as a family).

Given that these courses (both trees and bike) have been designed for school groups and corporate groups – I would suggest that 8+ would be up for the challenge.  But if you have a gutsy 6-7 year old you might also be okay.

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