Kooza – Cirque du Soleil {Melbourne}

Beyond the imagination of us mere mortals – the artists of Kooza take their human form to new places that you would think only possible with the aid of CGI.

When: Until March 26 2017

Where:  Flemington Racecourse,

Cost: tickets start at $60, to book tickets visit www.cirquedusoleil.com/kooza

There is a fine balance between the relief of clowning and the terror and thrill of a hugely physical feat – and Kooza delivers on this flawlessly.  I regularly turned to read the reactions on the kids faces as we watched the most incredible stunts to see their jaws dropped and hands to their cheeks – followed by them bouncing in their seats shouting “amazing, amazing”.  Kooza is a show that absolutely inspires.

Kooza takes us into a magical world that is both pure circus with touches of old world charm – the costuming is inspired by eastern themes, vintage toys and marching bands.  The set is quite simple – we can clearly see the circus stage for what it is, our suspended disbelief is required only for the incredible acts.

Would it be possible to choose a favourite act (or even a least favourite?) – not a chance.  The quality of all the performances was outstanding… they were literally all breathtaking and mindblowing.  After the first act finished I was worried that the show had peaked too soon – it just turned out that every act was fantastic and exciting or fabulous for completely different reasons.

As we drove home Charlie (8) enthused that Cirque du Soleil was by far the best circus he had ever ever seen, “times one hundred” – and this kid has seen a lot of circus in his time.

As far as age range goes I think 8+ is a wonderful time to experience Kooza (younger kids would definitely enjoy, but I know that as an 8.5 year old Charlie had a real appreciation for what he was watching, and could recall and vocalise it – compared to when I took Immi to see Cirque du Soleil when she was just 7).

Tickets to a Cirque show are, for most of us, an investment and so you want to know that your kids are going to be inspired and have a good time.  Kooza does use dramatic lighting, there are a few loud noises (and the live music can sometimes be quite loud too), one scene features skeletons (think Mexican day of the dead type of thing) that aren’t menacing but, on first arrival, they do have quite a dramatic effect.  Otherwise, Kooza is playful and an amazing glimpse of what a human body and mind is capable of – at least for a handful of people on this earth!

The show is approximately 2.5 hours with a 20-minute interval about 1 hour and 1o minutes in.


Amazing drumming band on opening night


Opening night red carpet