Melbourne Comedy Festival 2014

Melbourne Comedy Festival 2014

The 2014 Comedy Festival is loaded with family friendly events – over 30 different productions have been included for kids!  So these holidays head into the city and get your giggle on.

When: until 20 April 2014

Where: Various venues in city (mostly Town Hall, City Square and Federation Square)

Cost:  some FREE most about $15/child $20/adult

We have seen three productions this year – and hope to add to this as the holidays progress!

The Luck Child:  David Collins (The Umbilical Brothers) is a one man band – he plays a multitude of characters, provides all his own sound effects and draws us into a rather colourful tale of the child decreed by a prophecy to be The Luck Child, all with the use of cardboard boxes as props… proving the point that imagination and a sense of adventure can really take you far!  The performance was just under and hour and at the end David mingled with the crowd and was happy to chat with the kids.  He also had a little gift shop – those little flying monkeys were very popular (and $15, so bring cash!).  Running until 20 April, tickets start at $15, click here to book.

Mr Snot Bottom and The Curse of The Silly Stinky Zombie Babies:  If you like your comedy completely ridiculous and kinda gross (as the name suggests) then this will have the kids doubled over.  Immi (8) went to this with her friend and she says it was definitely the funniest of the three we’ve seen so far because there was lots of farting (please note that there was farting in the other two productions as well but I think the key here was that there was much more farting).  Running until 20 April, tickets start at $15, click here to book.

Improvilicious: Immi (8) and I went along to this and I would suggest that she’s just a tiny bit on the young side to get some of the humour – that said it was very silly and lighthearted and she did still laugh.  This show is pitched at Tweens – 110 years and I certainly enjoyed the unpredictable and clever nature of the performance.  A lighthearted, intelligent and charming performance – covering the history of theatre in one hour.  Running until 20 April, tickets start at $15, click here to book.

For a listing of all the family Comedy shows CLICK HERE.