Melbourne Street Art

Melbourne Street Art: Top 5 Spots

Melbourne is the Street Art capital of Australia (it’s also the festival capital, the design capital, the fashion capital and pretty much capital of everything cultural).

Recently Charlie (6) and I took ourselves on a self-guided tour of Melbourne’s street art – doing research for a article I was writing on Melbourne’s Hidden Places for Kids for Maxabella Loves.  Before we set off on our tour I googled “best street art melbourne” and was surprised to find that not only was there not much coming up in my search, but half of it was out of date.

So just to summarise where we went here is a list.. (and for more details jump over to Maxabella Loves for the in depth article!)

Top 5 spots to find Melbourne Street Art:

  • Mackenzie Street mural
  • Union Lane
  • Centre Place
  • Hosier Lane
  • ACDC Lane

This post was published in June 2015.