Melbourne's favourite baby change

Melbourne’s favourite baby change

Melbourne Central has redefined the baby change room or parent’s room, with a stylish “Parents Retreat”!

Designed by fabulous Melbourne Architect Clare Cousins (Aesop, Mimco, etc) the space allows parents to take a break from the bustle of the world outside and take care of nappy change, toileting, snacks and feeding in a zone that has factored in the challenge of feeding new baby and entertaining a toddler.  This is a place where your toddler will be engaged and probably much less likely to end up playing with nappy bins, emptying the hand soap or making a run for it – no doubt something Clare has either experienced first hand or considered, being a mum herself.

I touched base with Clare and this is what she had to say:

“We really wanted to create something inspiring and innovative that makes families lives easier when shopping in the CBD. I use parents rooms all the time and typically find them to be small utilitarian spaces. We wanted this space to be fun, comfortable and spacious (and practical). Somewhere that encourages people to dwell in the space and recharge.”

The pictures say it all…. 10/10 Melbourne Central and Clare – not only totally practical – but fabulously stylish to boot!

Parents Retreat, Level 2, Melbourne Central.  


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