Newa a Skin Rejuvenation System



Okay this is not your usual Meetoo review – and before you read on I want to reassure you that my site is not suddenly spamming miracle age defying potions, claiming 65 year olds can look 25!  No this is something else, please, stick with me.

A little while back I was invited to a lovely lunch at the Botanical Hotel in South Yarra.. I can promise you right now that invitations like this do not come flying into my in-box that regularly, so I checked my diary and {whoopee} it was clear.  Of course there was a catch – I’d have to hang out with some of my bloggy friends {yay} and I’d get to meet the CEO from Homedics who would tell us all about this amazing new product called Newa, some kind of skin rejuvenation system.

It was a delightful luncheon {thanks for asking} and the presentation sparked my curiosity.  The technology behind Newa (a small hand held unit) reactivates collagen production under your skin via heat waves.  It’s painless and very simple to use.  A few of the bloggers at lunch volunteered to have a go and their reactions were incredibly positive.. I must admit I did get a little swept up in the whole moment.  At the end of lunch we were invited to take home our very own Newa kit (RRP$499) in exchange for a review.  You’re now reading this because, well, I was a complete sell out.  And in hindsight I am clearly driven more by my own vanity than I’d previously admitted, even to myself.

So my commitment was to use the Newa every day for a month and report back on how my collagen and skin reacted.  Hopefully I would fall into the lucky 45% of users who have reduced wrinkles as a result.

What is Newa?
You can use the unit anytime – as it doesn’t leave you red or blotchy.  My skin is sensitive and I haven’t reacted at all – possibly I look a little flushed?  I have taken all the photos either as I am using Newa or just a few seconds after – so you can see my skin is fine.  Each area requires four minutes (the unit switches off and also vibrates to let you know it’s turning off when the timer runs out) and so the whole process takes me about 20 minutes at most – and if I am pushed for time I just work on one spot and so my commitment is four minutes.  Because I have a wrinkle that has appeared around the edge of my mouth over the past few years – and it’s much more defined on one side of my face compared to the other – when I haven’t enough time to do my whole face I have just concentrated on this spot and left the other areas.

Where the unit contacts your skin you need to load it up with an Activator Gel – without the gel the waves can’t travel into your skin, so this step is very important.  The gel smells pleasant – reminded me of products that I’ve encountered when having a facial.  When you are doing all the zones daily a tube of gel (RRP$50) lasts about two weeks – but once you get through the first four weeks of daily treatments you just need to use Newa twice a week as ongoing maintenance (so your gel usage would dramatically drop).

One last thing to mention is that the Newa unit only works on your cheeks and under your chin – there is not enough collagen containing “flesh” on your forehead.  Bummer.

Week 0
I have unpacked the beautifully packaged product and am a little excited {squee, new shiny toy} but in the same breath I admit I am also sceptical and I have wondered what on earth I had got myself into… do I really care that much about my wrinkles?  Not really – but sometimes I catch my reflection and wonder who that tired old person is and have a bit of a reality check..  So maybe this experiment won’t be a waste of my time.  And at the end of the day I have to keep my promise, so I have finally jumped into the challenge.  I have now taken some photos of my wrinkle and got to work.  I am little worried about my commitment levels, while it’s not really that much time each day – I am terrible at disciplining myself and so please wish me luck in sticking to this new regime.Newa a Skin Rejuvenation System

Week 2
Today it’s the two week mark and while this new habit has required a bit of diligence on my part…  this old dog is actually learning, via daily repetition, that it’s totally doable.  Plus I have just taken my two week photos and opened up the old photo, from before I started, and I am quite shocked.  I am chuffed to see there is such a significant difference.  The wrinkle is still there, but even when I run my finger tips over it there it’s much less defined.  I am now onto my second tube of Activator Gel and I’m feeling quite pleased that the effort was worth it.  It sounds silly that it hasn’t been more obvious to me before comparing the two photos, but I guess it’s been so subtle over the days that I really wasn’t sure if the change was obvious even if I knew there was some improvement.

I’m still happy with fragrance (it’s very mild) – as sometimes I do get sick of a smell if I have used it too much.  And my only other comment is that sometimes I need to switch the heat setting down from level 2 to level 1 – maybe my skin is more sensitive on some days or the unit just seems to sometimes be a little hotter.  It’s never been so hot I couldn’t hold it on my face, so I really am being a sook mentioning this!Newa a Skin Rejuvenation System

Week 4
I got about half-way through my third week and life got busy – so I have limped along for another week or so in an attempt to make up lost time, but to be honest I think I have gone as far as I can go with my collagen rejuvenation.. this Back To The Future DeLorean time machine has wound the clock back to about 2005 for me… and that is after 7 hours uninterrupted sleep, fully hydrated and in the right lighting.  2005 was still a great year for me so if my skin can go back there then I am calling this experiment a success.

Personally I can’t see much difference after the two-three week point (but maybe that’s because that’s when I stopped using it daily and went to every other day).  I should also mention that just after I use it is when my skin looks the best – so you will see in the photo taken at week 2 was just after using the Newa where as my photo at week 4.5 was at the end of a long day almost 24 hours since I last used the Newa.  So if you have time perhaps the idea time to do top-ups is in the morning.

Newa trial

PR Blurb
Newa is a Skin Rejuvenation System that reduces wrinkles naturally. Clinically proven to firm, tighten and lift skin by reactivating your skin’s natural ability to produce collagen, Newa reduces wrinkles by up to 45% in just 12 weeks all in the comfort of your own home. For more info visit Available now at Shaver Shop $499 rrp.