Nude food vs plastic wrapped

Is nude food really a huge hassle or is it something to get excited about?  Our school has a nude food policy in place – playground rubbish bins were removed a few years ago.  So I was surprised to recently learn that some parents still send lunches to school containing plastic wrappers and cling film.

There are a few arguments for nude food.

  1. less landfill – see below
  2. potentially healthier food options (let’s face it most of that “snack pack” stuff is a “sometimes” food)
  3. financially better off – if you are buying in bulk or baking at home it’s going to make a difference to your shopping docket
  4. less rubbish ending down the drains and in our waterways/oceans

Our school phased in a nude food policy back when Immi (10) was in Prep – and prior to that, our kindergarten was very enthusiastic about recycling.  One of my bugbears is just how much packaging some food has… I get that it needs to stay fresh and travel safely, but things like individually wrapped biscuits and the like, gah – our ancestors in 1000 years (if we have any) are going to be digging that stuff up and shaking their heads.

The guys at Smashbox and Nude Food sent us a bunch of their new lunch products to run a little experiment.  What would a week of lunches look like in their lunchboxes versus cling wrap and a bag?  I hope you see the outcome and realise just how much plastic is potentially ending up in school yards around Australia.  The lunchbox products from Smashbox and Nude Food are versatile and (if your kids are anything like mine) the kids love them.  They are dishwasher safe.

With options this cool and easy to use, using the old excuse that plastic wrapped is easier is no longer viable.

Nude Food Light Up

Lunch in the Smashbox

Lunch in the Nude Food Movers

Lunches in the Nude Food Envirobox

The same lunches wrapped in plastic

Disclosure: this post isn't sponsored, but we have been supplied with products to test and keep.