pay it forward

Pay it forward – what’s your favourite drink worth?

There is certain stuff we take for granted right?  One of them is the water that comes out of our taps.

World Water Day is happening this weekend – Sunday 22 March.

Pay it forwardI just wanted to share with you a rather startling fact, every year 2 million children die for want of clean water.  2 million.  And that’s not taking into consideration the children who are just left ill from drinking dirty water – missing school, unable to help their families, families who already practice a very real balancing act of survival.  (Read Diana’s story here)

So you can imagine the difference a well, or a water pipe, could make to a community.

As you know I am a World Vision Blog Ambassador and I have signed myself up for a bit of a challenge – I think it’s totally achievable.. but it requires a village to help – that’s where you guys come in.

My challenge (okay our challenge – you’re now part of this, I promise it’s going to be ace) is to raise $2015 in 2015.

As it’s World Water Day I decided to highlight the issue of clean water and put this exercise into the context of our first world existence.  Could you give up that special cafe coffee treat for a day (or a week or a month)?  Or maybe it is a different beverage.. maybe you’re craving a green smoothie, a glass of Cristal, a can of coke or a glass of water?  If you went without these – what would that not cost you..

Here’s where you get to pay it forward – by giving up your favourite drink you can instead donate the money to World Vision and know that our collective village effort is going to make a life changing impact on a community (on this occasion it’s helping street kids in Tanzania).


Thank you for reading this far – you’re officially totally ace  🙂

And Happy Water Day!

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