Pellegrini's espresso bar Melbourne

Pellegrini's Espresso Bar

Pellegrini’s is a Melbourne institution that has fed three generations of my family – and probably most of Melbourne has at some point of another passed through its doors.  The neon sign out front is as iconic as the Skipping Girl and Nylex signs and the fare is 100% comfort food, the battered menu on the wall hasn’t changed since the 50’s.

Where:  66 Bourke Street MELBOURNE

When: Monday – Saturdays 8am till late, Sunday midday till late

Cost:  Two watermelon granitas and two bowls of pasta = $32


Italian cafeteria fare which is possibly unchanged in menu and recipe since it opened in the 1950’s – our favourites are the lasagna, saltarti and watermelon granitas.  Pasta meals come with buttered bread.  The wonderful thing about Pellegrini’s is that it literally hasn’t changed in forever and there is no pretence – the staff yell at each other in Italian and plates are usually thrown down on the counter.

This venue is not pram friendly, I am not exactly sure where (and if) there are toilets, the fixed to the floor stools are tricky for little ones – but the food comes really fast and with no liquor licence this venue is a fast turnover eating spot.

If you can get a spot – head down to the back room where you sit at a table in the kitchen and watch Nonna churning out the meals.

What’s your favourite Pellegrini’s dish?  Have you taken your kids?
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