Potted Potter

Potted Potter 2014

Laugh out loud, clever and silly at the same time, Potted Potter is a show to suit audiences aged 5 – 105.  It’s a rare talent to be able to carry an audience so well with only a few props and two performers but Ben and James pull it off seamlessly.

When:  Tuesday 28 October to Sunday 2 November, 2014

Where:  Arts Centre Melbourne, Playhouse, 100 St Kilda Road MELBOURNE

Cost:  from $60.  (Booking and transaction fees may apply.)  To book call 1300 182 183 or artscentremelbourne.com.au


Ben and James bring Potted Potter to life at the Arts Centre and it’s loads of hilarious fun.  Fitting all seven of the books into 70 minutes means that many details are glossed over, but somehow it’s not a rushed experience and there is plenty of time for witty and silly gags and games.

This was a show where the adults and kids laughed as hard as each other – in fact on opening night there was mostly grown ups in the audience; the main participant in the Quidditch match was possibly 90 years old and loving every moment (I was a bit worried he was going to do a hip – but he was still walking afterwards).

Before it began I was wondering if it might be that groan worthy kind of humour – but it was perfectly pitched to amuse all ages and the delivery from Ben and James felt completely natural (even though they would have been following a script) and their British banter made for easy watching.

Prior knowledge of Harry Potter is mildly advantageous, but absolutely not essential – I have read one and a half of the books and seen three of the films (and probably seen all of the trailers) and that was more than enough background for me to understand all of the references.  Besides Ben and James helpfully refer to the books constantly, just in case you’ve forgotten.